Five Best All-Natural Health Bars

Enough with these so-called ˜health’ bars that claim to be good-for-you grub, yet are still packed with artificial contents(like most protein bars that shall remain nameless). Of course, we appreciate their purpose: they’re more wholesome than your standard sweet, and a convenient fit when leaving in haste. However, some health bars deserve more praise than others. Presenting five nutrient-bursting bars that should be stocking your shelves. Don’t believe us? Check the ingredients, we bet you’ll recognize every word.


Of all the nutritious eats in the world, the Larabar is like the guru of health, a bar all others wish they could emulate. The reason? Each health-packed snack contains no more than nine ingredients, all of which include : unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Yet somehow, they still manage to get our taste buds rolling. It’s no surprise these bars are the perfect meal supplement for all gluten-free or vegan gals of the world. With 19 delectable flavours (we’re talking peanut butter chocolate chip, and carrot cake) and no sugary additives, this is a treat you can feel good about eating.

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POMx Bar

By now, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the pomegranate fruit and its juicy health benefits, bursting with antioxidant goodness. If you don’t have time to waste picking each seed out from its succulent red flesh, there’s an alternative (in bar form, that is). Not only is the POMx made from all-natural ingredients, it has the antioxidant strength of an entire pomegranate. All six flavours are gluten-free, comprised of real fruits and nuts and stand within the 200-cal range. I know, the fruit no longer appeals much to us, either.

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Elevate Me! Bar

If the title of this powerbar doesn’t entice you already, its ingredients will. This nutritional indulgence is packed with all-natural protein, organic dried fruits and vitamins. It was originally created to cater to athletes in need of a quick (and natural!) energy jolt. Well, sport mavens aren’t the only ones who can use a surge of energy every now and again. Whether it be a late night at the office or a quick bite to jump-start your morning, this bar is bursting with vigor. Besides, coffee gets old after a while.

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Organic Food Bar

While you’d assume this bar is healthy after glancing at the title, many products contain organic ingredients, while also using artificial ones. With this bar of goodness, it is what it claims – pure organic goodness. Translation? The ingredients used in the baking process contain no pesticides, which is better for our health and the environment. Not only is this bar packed with organic ingredients, but avoids using any refined sugars, hydrogenated oils and preservatives. Believe it or not, it tastes good too.

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Greens+ Hip to be Healthy Squares

When we’re craving something scrumptiously sweet, our health-radar tends to points us in the opposite direction. What if we told you there was an energy treat that guided us down the same route? Interested? Calling all health-savvy ladies, this organic bar will give you a renewed sense of vitality. It’s crafted from organic oats, almond butter, brown rice crisps, greens and is packed with fiber and protein. So satisfy your sugary cravings, and try the flavour that’s coated in organic dark chocolate. You’ll forget what a standard sweet even tastes like.

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