Boost Your Libido with Pilates

Boost your libido, try Pilates! Not only does Pilates leave you toned and lean, but who knew it could improve your sex life? It all comes down to your pelvic floor muscles. The stronger and more firm they are, the better the sensation.

Normally we strengthen the pelvic floor in order to make sure we have stable back support. Not sure what your pelvic muscles are? You know when you have to run to the bathroom and you do your best to hold it in? Yes, that’s them!

Focusing on precise and controlled movements during Pilates exercises with co-ordinated breathing automatically engages the core and the pelvic floor muscles, said Margot McKinnon, owner and founder of Body Harmonics, a Pilates studio in Toronto, Ontario. So while there aren’t really exercises that only focus on this set of muscles, doing any Pilates move properly will help get you in top condition down there. 

When you exercise, you increase the blood flow to the specific muscles you are working. The increased circulation can increase your orgasm and for men, can help them perform longer.
Here are the exercise that best engage and work the pelvic floor muscles include :

  • Pelvic tilts, which are subtle movements done lying on your back, with your heels tucked against your bottom. Slightly raising your pelvis while keeping your back glued to the floor helps strengthen the lower abdomen and works pelvic muscles.
  • The bridge is similar to a pelvic tilt, except your entire lower back lifts off the floor. Concentrating on using your abdomen to raise your lower body means those muscles do the heavy lifting “ and get stronger.
  • Squats are great for the pelvic floor muscles. Keeping your core engaged and tight while performing the move not only protects your lower back, but helps build strength, as your abs provide stability to your whole body.
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