The Better At-Home Workout

Staying at home for your workout boasts many benefits: it’s cheap, private and there’s never any excuse not to. To stay motivated at home, use these simple yet effective tips.

Dress for success
Just because no one’s watching, don’t attempt a workout in your pjs. In a good workout bra, track pants and a ponytail, you’ll be much more motivated to work out. Lay out your workout gear every night, and when you wake up in the morning put it on right away. Don’t forget to eat the right foods before your workout. Have a glass of water and a banana, and get going.

Invest in a few tools
A little stash of workout equipment will keep you motivated and interested. Put together a little collection of fun fitness DVDs to rotate through, and make sure they hit all your targets: cardio, strength training and stretching. Other standard pieces include a set of dumbbells (5 lbs. is pretty standard) a good yoga mat for impact, and an exercise ball.  You’ll be able to do a lot with this simple kit “ the variety will keep you from getting bored, and the investment you make will ensure you stick with it.

Create a space
Not only will setting up a workout area in your home give you the space you need to get moving, it will be also serve as a daily reminder to make working out a priority. Keep all your equipment in this area so it’s close at hand when you need it. Don’t have floor space? Install some wall shelves with baskets to tuck everything away, and don’t forget to also set up a workout board. You can visibly track your workouts with a monthly calendar and pin up a new workout routine each week or month to keep things fresh and interesting.

Keep a routine
If you work out at the same time every day it will become part of your regularly scheduled activities, like brushing your teeth or taking the dog for a walk. Good habits are just as easy to set and keep as bad ones “ it’s all about repetition and dedication.

If you’re looking forward to your favourite TV show, watch it on an exercise bike or while sitting on the floor doing yoga stretches. Time will fly as you work out with a distraction and you’ll feel zero guilt about wasting time sprawled on the couch.

Do you have a no-fail way to stay motivated with at-home workouts? Share your tips with us.

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