8 Tips for Girls Who Want to Golf

They say that golf stands for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

We say, Yeah, right!

There is a reason why men love golf so much. You’re outside all day enjoying the weather with an excuse to start drinking in the morning. You’re being active in a way that’s not overly exhausting and you get to rip around on golf carts. Sure, the game can be frustrating, but it’s all part of the fun. We need to get in on this action!

Whether you’re looking to join your man and his buddies or to head out for a girl’s day of your own, we have eight helpful tips for chicks looking to hit the course.

1. Dress to impress

Golf is definitely one sport that is concerned with fashion so here is your chance to be bold, daring, and stylish. But always be sure to follow the course dress code.

2. Layer

Golf games go for hours over the course of the day. If your tee off time is super early, it’s likely to get a lot warmer as the day goes on. Early Canadian mornings can sometimes be particularly cool even in the middle of summer, so you will want to be warm at first with the option to take layers off as it starts to get hot.

3. Dress for comfort

Wear loose-fitting clothing that allows for movement, cause you’re gonna be doing a lot of it.

4. Wear a sports bra

Since modesty is key, you don’t need your favourite cleavage-enhancing push-up here. Especially for those who are more endowed than the average lady, the sports bra will help to keep your girls in place and out of your way.

5. Put your hair up

You will be outside in the heat, rain, or wind all day and the last thing you need to worry about is frizziness or your hair blowing in your face when you’re going for a birdie.

6. Rock a hat or visor

On particularly hot and sunny days, this will keep you cool and your hair out of the way. Not to mention it will help your vision so you can track how far you drive that ball. Sunglasses, of course, are handy too.

7. Wear golf gloves

Protect that manicure and avoid ugly callouses and painful blisters. Not to mention they help with your grip and in turn, your swing.

8. Be prepared

Make sure you have the following items in your bag at all times:

  • Extra balls because you never know when you might go for a swim.
  • Extra tees because a broken tee is no good for your drive.
  • A golf towel because let’s face it, you’re bound to dig up some grass at some point and nobody likes dirty balls and clubs.
  • Sunscreen. You’re outside for hours and we all know that sunburns are neither cute nor healthy.
  • Bug spray. Outdoors means bugs and you don’t want to get bit when trying to make a putt.
  • Band aids. The threat of blisters is real.
  • Allergy meds and/or muscle pain relievers because sneezing fits or muscle spasms will definitely mess with your game.
  • Water. Hydration is always key.

Follow these and you will be sure to show those men that golf can be a ladies game too. Besides, all those mini-putt dates will finally pay off on the green.

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