8 Expectations of How I’ll Spend My Holidays Vs. Reality

The holiday season is upon us and if you’re one of the lucky few, like myself, that has two blissful weeks off of work, then you too are already drunk and have taken several naps. As we get ourselves into the holiday spirit and season of hibernation, there are a few things that I plan on doing before going back to work in 16 days, though I have a feeling that’s not quite how it’s going to go.

Expectation: I’ll go to yoga everyday
Reality: I’ll go three times on the days that I miraculously wake up before 9 am


Expectation: I’ll catch up on all the shows on my PVR that I fell behind on because I work a lot
Reality: I’ll continue on my third run of Gilmore Girls and start watching Friends on Netflix again and go back to work in January still behind on How To Get Away With Murder

Expectation: I’ll spend a lot of time reading
Reality: See previous reality

Expectation: I’ll spend time with my family and we’ll all have festive greetings and drama-less encounters
Reality: I’ll spend time with my family after hours of drama and screaming children (because we’re at that age, guys), come home with my fiancé© and we’ll drink heavily and not touch each other just in case

Expectation: I’ll spend some of the days working on personal projects, such as updating my resume, my website and my LinkedIn profile, as well as starting my novel
Reality: I’ll creep people on Facebook and Instagram

giphy (2)

Expectation: I’ll get lots of sleep and feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another year of goals because #dreambig
Reality: I’ll nap every day and go to work on January 4 feeling disoriented because I slept too much (if that’s a thing)

Expectation: I’ll make delicious and healthy home-cooked meals
Reality: I’ll eat a lot of potato chips and frozen pizzas and drink approximately seven bottles of wine by myself

giphy (1)

Expectation: I’ll re-watch all of the Star Wars movies and then go see the new one
Reality: I’ll re-watch all of the Star Wars movies and then go see the new one (this is actually happening)

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