5 Resolutions You Should Start Before the New Year

Because there isn’t already enough to worry about when you’re struggling through the holiday season, but then at the end of it all they expect us to come up with resolutions¦ and to actually stick to them? We say screw that. Why wait for the biggest midnight of the year (let’s be serious, who can even stay up that late these days anyway)? Get your resolutions started now without all the pressure and stress of doing it the right way. Ain’t nobody got time for that anyway. Here are five changes you can start making right now.

Set out a fitness regimen

The holidays are the best time of the year but the worst for your waistline. Get ahead of the New Year gym rush by setting out your get-healthy fitness routine right now and you’ll not only save yourself the pain of building up your motivation come January 1, but you’ll also help combat those extra holiday pounds.

Make your relationships a priority

The holidays are the best time of the year to place focus where it matters most — on those you love and who love you back. Don’t wait until the New Year to commence your resolutions to start spending more time with your family and/or your friends¦ start now. It will start great traditions (like weekly dinner with your parents or your girlfriends) that will not only be easier to carry into 2016 but will also make your holidays a little brighter.

Take better care of yourself

There is no reason why committing to love yourself more has to start when you ring in the New Year. Start with little changes — like wearing sunscreen every day to protect your skin or going to yoga once a week — and work up to making bigger changes that will help you commit to being the best you in 2016. Every one will notice the change and you’ll be a holiday inspiration to everyone.

Meditate more

Or, if you haven’t already, start meditating. The holidays are stressful enough for the best of us. Committing to taking 10-15 minutes every day to internalize your thoughts before you start (or end) each day can really bring the season into focus and help relieve you from anxieties that can weigh down on you during this time of year¦ and into the next one.

Date more!

Doesn’t matter if you’re single or not — make it a priority to go on more dates. Invest in spending more time with the person you love or in finding love. The holidays are already so magical and so full of love, utilize the beautiful vibes floating around and use them to your advantage. Going into the New Year with a heart full of love is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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