5 Canadian Women’s Groups You Should Get Behind

There are more than a few reasons to be proud of our Canadian heritage and, even though International Women’s Day has long passed, our country’s overt support of gender equality is shining strong. Our Prime Minister is a feminist, our neighbouring President definitely is not and we need to stick together more than ever as women. Long before Trudeau was even sworn in, there have been women’s groups in Canada advocating for equality and parity every step of the way. Whether you’ve been following some American groups like Levo League or Ellevate, there are quite a few women-empowered groups in our own back door, all of which you should familiarize yourself with and get involved with where you can.

Women’s Executive Network (WXN)

WXN has a smaller event series spread throughout the year, and is most notably recognized for their WXN Top 100 list, featuring women from a variety of sectors who have achieved success in Canada. Take a stroll through their previous Top 100 lists, and get ready to be inspired by the lengthy list of successful Canadian women.


Girls around the world deserve an opportunity to lead, and the mission of Girls20 is exactly that. Their goal is simple and impactful: to increase female labour force participation around the world. This Canadian-based globally active social enterprise has trailblazer Farrah Mohamed at the helm as CEO, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in this organization. Take a look at their site for an idea how you can invest in the organization, or check out their programs like Bootcamp For Brains or Girls on Boards, considering if you have any younger relatives or friends who may be interested.

Women in Capital Markets (WCM)

If you’re a woman working in finance, you may already be familiar with this group. If you’re not, you should get acquainted with them. WCM’s goal is essentially to connect women in the industry, and attract and develop women to advance all into senior leadership positions in finance. They are committed to increasing women’s representation and impact in the boardrooms in Canada, and also offer professional development programs for whichever stage you’re at in your career. If finance is where you are or, better yet, where you want to be, check this organization out. You won’t be disappointed.

Women of Influence

This network is more broad than the other groups, offering a chance to network and get to know women from all industries. With a focus on advancing women to the C-suite, here you’ll find inspirational stories from women who have rose the ranks at their respective companies, while also lending tips and tools for female entrepreneurs to succeed. The company has a spring and fall event season, with networking opportunities and inspiring speakers offering an honest reflection of how they achieved success. Their RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards is also worth checking out if entrepreneurship is listed in your five-year plan.


If you’re looking for statistics to back up your arguments on gender equality, Catalyst is the go-to spot for that. Based in NYC with a Canadian office (and representation around the world), this is the group you want to get acquainted with. Their site provides great statistics that will be good when chatting with your, erm, male family member that doesn’t quite understand the notion of gender equality). Our very own Justin Trudeau was awarded at Catalyst’s annual Catalyst Canada Honours Dinner, which came as no surprise to the world. Check them out if you’re interested in brushing up on your stats, while also checking out their insightful webinar event series that focus on inclusivity and belongingness.

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