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TV has given us a lot. Quotes, mainly, and lives to live vicariously through. (And if that’s a crime, I don’t want to be free.) However, in addition to hours of entertainment, it’s also influenced us in terms of fashion. Try as you might, but you can’t deny the allure of Mad Men‘s polished aesthetic, or Boardwalk Empire‘s beads and dropped waists. So don’t fight it, and join us as we pay homage to TV’s most fashionable.


1. Mad Men

As if the fashion wasn’t top notch in the first three seasons, 1965 (or more specifically, season five) have given us brighter colours, more streamlined silhouettes and Megan Draper’s entire wardrobe. From the first notes of Zou Bisou Bisou, we saw clothes that made a statement. Gone are the taffeta and stiff hairstyles; scarves, prints and cropped pants are the wave of the future. Or past.

2. Boardwalk Empire

We may not be wearing ankle length dresses, but between the lace, the silk and the hair accessories, most of us are “ or at least have been “ channeling the best of Atlantic City. Embellished headbands are a huge must-do for fall 2012, so even if you’re not willing to mimic the full style of Margaret Schroeder (who will never be Thompson to me, thank you very much), you can at least pay tribute to Paz de la Heurta, who some of us really miss.

3. Downton Abbey

Downtown and Boardwalk may take place within the same decade, but in contrast to the Americans’ more outlandish styles (think of what Shirley MacLaine shows up in during the third season’s first episode), Britain circa 1920 sees a more refined approach. Less metallics and more pastels, Downtown works alongside this year’s lighter, brighter colour palette “ especially in terms of robin’s egg blue and dusted rose tones. Of course, don’t forget about wearing black: if you want to opt for a dramatic look, borrow from the page of Lady Mary and combine dark shades with lace for a tribute to the goth world. (Which, as far as we’re concerned, is always an option.)

4. Girls

WHAT?! you may have said before you realized how 100% correct we are. While Lena Dunham’s Hannah may not be the typical best dressed candidate (although in real life it’s quite a different story), you’ve got to give credit to the fact that each character manages to dress uniquely and in-step with their personas. Jessa’s bohemian style is perfect for the thrift store aficionados, while Shoshanna and Marnie’s more straight-laced looks are work-appropriate and easily achievable thanks to stores like Joe Fresh and H&M.  

5. Gossip Girl

 gossip girl
Well there’s no way we’ll snub Serena, Blair and (okay, fine) Georgina “ especially because regardless of how crazy the show’s plot has gotten, the fashions of the Upper East Side stay above par. Who would have thought that when Blair Waldorf wore bows in 2007 they’d still be kicking come 2012? And headbands too (though lacking the stripes).

6. Revenge

There are no guilty pleasures. Which is exactly why we’re not only condoning Revenge in itself, we’re tipping our hats to the underbelly of New York society, where the prim and polished looks of Gossip Girl are replaced by . . . well, equally prim and polished looks (but with more sparkle and sheen). These socialites know how to dress, especially when preparing to take down Hamptons-dwelling heavyweights “ floor-length formalwear included.

5. New Girl


Zooey Deschanel knows how to dress. And what’s so great about New Girl is that instead of playing someone entirely different, Zooey plays Jess: an exaggerated version of herself who dresses exactly the same. Keeping in-step with the year’s ˜60s vibe (and according to spring 2012, next year’s too), Jess’ obsession with bows, A-line dresses and polka dots re-affirms the ultra-feminine trend of fall 2012, or at least justifies one’s tendency to wear either of those things all the time.

8. Hart of Dixie

heart of dixie
Not only is Zoe Hart a capable doctor, she carries off everything from silk blouses to stripes worn with lace. Not that anyone’s surprised, mind you: Rachel Bilson is a bona fide fashion force unto herself, so it’s only natural for producers to use Zoe to demonstrate some of the year’s biggest trends. (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we wonder how she can carry off leopard print so well.)

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