Where to Go for the Perfect Second Date

Second dates can be even more nerve wracking than first dates. On one hand, you know you’re definitely interested in each other, but now the pressure is on because you don’t want to mess up the potentially awesome thing this could become. Pick a spot where you’ll feel comfortable. Somewhere with just the right amount of distraction and just the right amount of one on one time. Here are 5 ideas for a great second date.

Comedy show and drinks. A comedy show is much more interactive and lively than a movie, so you won’t just be sitting in a dark, silent room staring at a screen for 2 hours. A really great live comedy show will have you laughing all night and will give you lots to talk about after.

Visit an arcade. If there’s an arcade in your city, put those hilarious zombie-shooting games and pinball tables to good use. Get slushies on the way over and really relive your childhood.

Board game marathon. Know a bar that’s well stocked with board games? Head over and challenge each other to a few rounds of your favourite childhood games. You might be surprised how much you learn about someone over Battleship.

Play tourists. Make like tourists and hit the tourist attraction nearest you that you’ve always secretly wanted to do. It makes for awesome inside jokes, and you might actually learn a lot about your neighborhood.

Go for a flea market stroll. Flea markets are pure eye candy. Try on hats, look through vintage records, buy bags of penny candy. Flea markets are packed with unique sensory stimulation.

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