How to Recycle Your Halloween Costume

Another Halloween has come and gone. It’s time to toss the rotting Jack-O-Lanterns in the trash and stock up on half price candy at the drugstore. But, what is to become of the costumes? All the wigs and animal ears and plastic weapons should go straight to the back of the closet until the next theme party. But, not everything needs to be hidden away in shame. Here are some ways to incorporate parts of your favourite Halloween costumes into your everyday wardrobe without looking like you’ve escaped from a movie set.

Costume: Princess

Keep in your wardrobe: diamond jewellery

A princess is nothing without her diamonds; just ask Kate Middleton! Costume jewellery is a great way to dress up a casual outfit. Adding a pile of (faux) diamond necklaces to an oversized sweatshirt and liquid leggings takes the look from shabby to chic.

Costume: Cleopatra

Keep in your wardrobe: heavy eyeliner

Cleopatra may have been the Queen of Egypt, but she was also the queen of dramatic kohl eyeliner. While Cleopatra’s signature look may be a bit too intense for a modern working woman, we can take inspiration from the ancient beauty and opt for a subtler version of a darkly lined cat-eye.

Costume: Cowgirl

Keep in your wardrobe: cowboy boots

Giddy-up! A cowgirl needs a perfectly worn-in pair of cowboy boots if she’s going to make it in the wild wild West. Score a pre-loved pair from your favourite vintage store and wear them well after you’ve ditched the straw cowboy hat. Just stay away from combining them with plaid or you’ll look like you got lost on your way to the ranch.

Costume: Kim Kardashian

Keep in your wardrobe: black stilettos

We saw more than a few bandage dresses and padded butts on the streets this Halloween. And while Kanye West has been a welcome high-fashion influence on KK, one thing she hasn’t lost in her make-under is her enviable shoe wardrobe. With a penchant for sky-high black stilettos and embellished ankle booties, you can keep a touch of that klassic Kardashian style on your next night out. But opt for an elegantly draped dress over a too-sexy bandage shape to keep the look sophisticated not sleazy.

Costume: 1980s Rock Star

Keep in your wardrobe: distressed denim

No 80s rock star would dare go on stage in crisp new denim; rips, shreds and tears were just as important to those guitar heroes as a killer drum solo. But luckily you don’t have to leave your distressed denim on the tour bus with the groupies and Jack Daniels. Pair your ripped jeans with a cozy wool sweater and some Chelsea boots for a modern take on an 80s classic. Adding a cool pair of printed or coloured tights under your jeans is another way to keep your look fresh and fun.

Costume: Goth Girl

Keep in your wardrobe: leather everything!

For anyone who went to high school in the mid-90s, you definitely saw the Marilyn Manson-obsessed, so-called freaks dressed head-to-toe in black leather and chains. Maybe you were even one of them. This season there is nothing hotter than leather, whether it’s a blazer or t-shirt with leather trim or a pair of high-waisted leather pants. Feel free to embrace your inner Goth and layer on the leather; it’s the new neutral. But save the black lipstick for next Halloween.


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