Celebrity Babies: Who Wore it Better

We’re all obsessed with garments donned by celebrities, whose vogue wardrobe choices are synonymous with up-to-the-minute trends. What they wear, we want to buy. Not surprisingly, their mini-others are guided into becoming aspiring fashionistas too. So despite their inarguable cute factor, we’ve chosen the top celebrity babies that strut “or shall we say, crawl“ in style.

1) Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

We love that this three-year-old’s adorable party dress is peppered with bold patterns and bright colours. Spring 2011, anyone? While parents Keith and Nicole aren’t known to be trendsetters, they certainly make up for it with little Sunday. The feminine appeal of her outfit is sure to make any toddler envious.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

2) Suri Cruise

If any celebrity baby has been standing in the spotlight of fame the longest, it’s Suri. Besides the fact that any child sharing features with both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is blessed from birth, her precious attire is also worth a mention. At only five years old, Suri exudes sophistication in her cutesy button-down, feminine peacoat. It’s a good thing she’s hugging a teddy, or we’d forget she was still a little one.

Suri Cruise in peacoat

3) Estela Monteverde

This little princess glistens in her shimmering, tutu-esque dress. She curled up with her mother, actress Ali Landry, while posing for pictures at the premiere of the new flick, Zookeeper (currently in theatres). The two brunette beauties’ attire contrast one another quite nicely. Is it just us, or are you curious where Ali found her daughter’s adorable oversized floral headpiece, too? There’s no denying that this is one stunning duo.

Estela Monteverde

4) Violet Affleck

Another celebrity it-couple, whose child is destined to be set at centre stage along with them? Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s 5-year-old daughter, Violet. This edgy-dressed youngin’ was spotted sporting a bold red and white striped jumpsuit a few weeks ago. Not only is her romper-like attire adorable, but this celebrity baby accessorizes perfectly with her unique thin-rimmed glasses and flat-and-sock combo. Budding style icon? We vote yes.

Violet Affleck red and white jumper

5) Emme Anthony

Little diva Emme just turned three this past Feb, along with her twin brother, Max. She was photographed in Paris, France with her multi-talented (and did we mention stunning?) mother J.Lo. Considering Jen’s personal style is one we worship, her three-year-old’s attire doesn’t lag far behind. We love the buds adorning Emme’s tope-tinted button up. Her feminine, floral outfit definitely mirrors her innocence.

Emme Anthony


6) Stella and Liam McDermott

A child really can’t get more adorable than Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s little beauties, Stella and Liam McDermott. While these celebrity babies were heading to Stella’s dance recital in California, her little bro decided to dress to impress too. This cute sibling pair in a word? China dolls fixed to perfection.

Stella and Liam McDermott in ballet attire



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