Jeans in Boots

Boot season is here, and instead of wearing your favourite shoes in the snow, salt and slush, we’ve come up with the best ways to wear jeans in boots. After all, fashion and function can be one in the same “ provided you follow these four simple tips.

1. Thigh and knee-high
It seems straightforward, tucking jeans in boots that are meant to be shown off, but thanks to the wide legged styles we saw last year, the eternal question looms: are skinny jeans even acceptable anymore? Breathe a sigh of relief “ despite the push for different denim styles, the best (and only) way to wear thigh and knee-high boots are to pair them with skinny jeans or jeggings that you can wear in boots. By adopting the skinny style, you’ll prevent bunching and in-boot wrinkles are are never acceptable when wearing jeans in boots.

2. Ankle boots
When it comes to ankle-high footwear, jeans in boots may seem daunting or impossible, but rest assured that there are certain ways of achieving the look without abandoning everything for Sorels (not that anything’s wrong with those). Again, you’ll want to pick up your skinny jeans, and let them bunch at ankle length instead of forcing them into the small amount of space your boots will provide. Instead of wearing jeans in boots, you’ll want your jeans worn overtop “ unless you’re donning lace up desert boots, and in that case, you’ll want wide-legged pants worn over top, or skinny jeans tucked in completely.

3. Rubber boots
You won’t survive winter without a pair of rubber boots, and like you would with knee-high or thigh-high styles, it’s possible to tuck your jeans in boots for a casual, laid-back vibe. However, instead of the typical skinny jeans-in-boots look, you can don wide-legged or flared denim since rubber boots are transportation friendly. Translation? Instead of ruining leather or suede in the slush and salt, leave a pair of shoes or dress boots at the office. Then, tuck your jean in boots to prevent salt-staining your bottoms. Thankfully, not only do rubber boots boast a lot of room, but their traditional look screams function over fashion, meaning that upon seeing them, passerby will know they were worn with a purpose.

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