The Best Summer Romance Movies

Regardless of whether you’re in the middle of your own summer fling, or simply waiting and wishing for one, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the summer romance genre. Here’s a list of the top films that make you wish summer lovin’ wouldn’t happen so fast (sorry, had to.)

8. The Notebook

 Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star in this hugely successful adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel. Chances are most of our readers have watched this one more than once. While not a movie that takes place exclusively over the summer, the flashback summer scenes pretty much make the entire film. And are also responsible for setting the bar for grand romantic gestures (see: hanging from a ferris wheel, writing 365 letters, building a dream house.)

7. Summer of ˜42

Every teenage boy’s fantasy comes to life in this 1971 classic about a very brief summer fling. Some of the scenes haven’t exactly aged well, but the film is still equal parts heartbreaking and endearing. Plus, Jennifer O’Neill is a total babe.

6. Grease

We don’t get to see much of the summer that Olivia Newton John and John Travolta shared, but we certainly here all about it. After they tell us more, we’re left with a few hours of insanely catchy musical numbers, poodle skirts and 1950’s car races. Cheesy fun all the way through.

5. American Pie 2

Okay, so there isn’t one summer romance in this movie per se — and perhaps romance is the wrong word when discussing a film in which a character accidentally glues himself to, um, himself — there’s certainly a lot of summertime action. Love of all kinds is lost and found in this summer cult favourite.

4. My Summer of Love

A British indie flick about an intense summer bond between two young women, My Summer of Love is an odd, haunting little film. With a great soundtrack and a solid cast, it’s ideal to watch when you’re craving something a little less conventional.

3. Adventureland

What do you get when you combine a handful of angsty college students, dead-beat summer jobs at a local amusement park, and a soundtrack full of awesome eighties rock songs? One of the better summer films we’ve seen in some time. Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg seem just like kids you knew (or were) back in college. Ryan Reynolds is perfect. There’s plenty of laughter and boredom and pain. This is a film for anyone who’s ever found something great over a seemingly terrible summer.

2. Say Anything

Who can forget Lloyd Dobler and his adorable persistence in Say Anything? Cameron Crowe’s 1989 smash hit hasn’t lost any of its charm and pretty much epitomizes the happy-ending summer love story. Too bad no one has a boombox anymore.

1. Dirty Dancing

When we think summer romance, nothing comes to mind faster than Patrick Swayze’s tight black dancing pants and Jennifer Grey’s refusal to be put in a corner. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch this 80’s love story about a rich girl who falls for a humble dance instructor: it just gets better and better. It’s silly. It’s sweet. It’s kind of sexy. It’ll secretly make you want to learn the merengue. No summer romance movie list is complete without it.

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