5 Pre-Fall Trends You Can Wear Right Now

Raise your hand if you’re bored of your summer clothes already! Sometimes it feels like if you have to see that paisley print romper draped over your bed one more time, you’re going to set fire to your entire wardrobe (and your billy bookcase of shoes, too). You’re not alone.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to start incorporating fall trends into your end-of-summer outfits to safeguard you from incurable boredom and simultaneously make you appear ahead of the curve. It’s always smart to be the first to wear fall 2016’s nautical inspired blazers and nouveau-fur before anyone else gets to showcase them.

Luckily, we have the resurgence of the wonderful in-between season commonly known as pre-fall that in my honest opinion is severely underrated yet by the same arguably only serves as yet another source of over-spending and impulse buys. That being said, if you’ve got the extra buckaroos hanging around, there are some amazing pre-fall 2016 trends that you can wear right now. Yes, even with your flip-flops.

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The slip dress

lace slip dress

As seen on every single runway for fall, summer, cruise, resort, etc., a slip dress is probably or should probably already be a wardrobe staple for any self-respecting woman. How to update and make it oh-so autumnal? Get it in this black Nasty Gal Delicate Situation Lace Dress ($89) and wear it with thick knit socks and slides.

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