Your Sex Winter Bucket List

As we edge closer to 2015, why not end the year with a bang? Stay extra warm all winter by heating things up in the bedroom (and other places..). To help you, we came up with an erotic winter bucket list to keep you all hot and bothered this season. We dare you to try it all, cool? Ready. Set. GO!

Ditch the slouchy sweaters and shed those layers. We know that you instinctively want to pile on the clothes and hibernate in a blanket cocoon for three months but why not show some skin this winter! And by skin, I mean why bother with clothes at all… at home, I mean. It’s not often that we get to celebrate our bodies in all it’s natural glory. Just lose your inhibitions and just bare it all.

Merry Christmas to me! Admit it, we all waste money on people we don’t really care about during the holidays, so why not buy a little something for someone who matters the most — you! Instead of splurging on that Michael Kors watch you want so bad, get something that will literally make you feel better, a sex toy. Spice up your party for one with a great vibrator or bullet. If you’re too shy to add this to your wishlist, get it for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Shack up in a log cabin. Instead of escaping to the land of sun and surf, plan a winter getaway to a romantic log cabin. Just think, a secluded cabin in the middle of the wilderness where you can be as loud as you want. Dream come true, right?

Cuddle up for a movie marathon. For nights where you’re not super eager to get it on, make some delicious hot chocolate, cuddle up with your man, and watch your favourite Christmas movie. Who knows what the evening has in store, but for now enjoy the romantic quiet time.

Score at your next hockey game. Whether it’s sneaking in a hot makeout session during the halftime or getting touchy-feely at the second half, do a little more than watch the good ol’ hockey game.    

Fireplace sex. No brainer, self explanatory and a must-do every winter season.  There's nothing like getting hot and frisky by the fire on a cold winter day.

Ice, ice baby. Instead of getting frisky in the cold outdoors, play with cold temps in the bedroom. Get your partner to rub you all over with ice cubes, especially around sensitive areas like your breasts. If you want to be extra naughty, get him to go down on you — alternating between lightly rubbing your clitorous with an ice cube and using his tongue. The sensation will drive you over the edge and have you begging for his warmth.

Make out on the ski lift. Because why the heck not?

Receive a warm rub down. Using a warming massage oil, get your partner to give you a full body rub down. It’s the perfect start for things to come…

12 days of big Os. This is basically the sexed-up version of 12 Days of Christmas. All you have to do is have sex everyday for 12 days. And if you really want to get into the holiday spirit,  try out Christmas themed sex positions like Geese A-Laying and Partridge in a Pear Tree.


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