Your First Date Survival Kit

There is nothing, we repeat NOTHING, worse than being on an absolutely stellar first date and having disaster strike — you dribble red wine on your brand new blouse, you come down with a sickening headache, or worse of all, you get your period¦and you’re wearing white. Ugh.

Prevent these little nuances from coming between you and your maybe-could-possibly-be dream man with the 29Secrets trusty first date survival kit. Read it, learn it, use it, love it. You can thank us later.

1. Hand sanitizer
There is no guaranteeing what kind of place your date is going to take you¦or that you won’t spend half the date wondering about where his hands have been prior to meeting you. Hand sanitizer is ALWAYS a must.

2. Tide-to-Go pen
Like we said before¦red wine + your new top = disaster. Dipping your napkin in your water glass is never, ever classy. Even if your a mom. And unless he is Ryan Gosling reincarnated, no man is worth staining a $150 blouse. Hit the bathroom and bust out that pen girl.

3. A needle and thread
You know the button we’re talking about¦the one RIGHT in the middle of your chest? The one that always manages to pop off at the absolute most inconvenient time? That button is exactly the reason why this is on our list.

4. Moist toilettes
Yes we know, the name sounds gross, but how many times have you wished you had something to clean your hands or to wipe down a dirty table before? ‘Nuff said.

5. Advil
Because if the date is going well, you want them as backup¦and if the date is going bad, you’ll need them as survival. Toss ’em in your purse in a small plastic baggie though. Why you ask? Because then you won’t have that rattling dead giveaway when you have to feign a terrible headache to get out of a terrible date.

6. Band-Aids
Because no guy wants to hear you spend 45 minutes complaining about the blisters on your feet. Trust.

7. Tampons or pads
Does this one even warrant an explanation?

8. Deodorant
Cause who knows where you might end up after dinner and a few cocktails. No one likes dancing with a smelly girl. Stay fresh and fabulous girl. Always.

9. A phone charger
Not only is having a dead phone unsafe and inconvenient¦but can you remember the last time you say a pay phone, well, anywhere? Even if you have to beg the bartender to plug it in for you “just for five minutes”, make sure you always, ALWAYS have at least a little juice in your phone.

10. Backup cash
Being a girl in the 21st century, we’d hope you are bringing at least some cash to help foot the bill on your date but always make sure you bring a little something extra for emergencies. You never know when you are going to need to grab a cab in a pinch¦or buy another round for you and Mr Handsome.

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