Would You Date A Younger Guy?

Mariah and Nick, Usher and Tameka, Demi and Ashton – some of the most killer power couples have been a younger man with a woman a few years his senior. There’s no reason a relationship with a younger dude has to be any less intellectually stimulating, fulfilling or sexy. In case you’re reluctant, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t assume you’re more experienced. 
If you have a few years on your partner, it might be easy to feel like you’re more life-savvy. If you do and he picks up on it, he’ll probably feel emasculated and resentful. The beauty of a relationship is being able to teach each other things as part of a give and take dynamic. If you don’t feel the two-way-street dynamic is taking place, the relationship won’t be mutually beneficial and someone will bail sooner or later.

2. Be prepared to deal with his friends.
While your man might be independent and mature, his crew might not. Some of his friends might be intimidated or act awkward around you. If so, just continue being your graceful, polite self, and don’t put too much energy into trying to make friends “ it will only make you crazy.

3. He may ask you for advice.
This hopefully won’t be as overt as asking to use you as a reference or asking you to fix up his resume (which you may have no problem with). But if you’re the kind of gal who likes a man with confidence, be prepared to nip this in the bud. If your advice-giving becomes a habit, be prepared for him to get fed up, or on the flip side, too needy.

4. He’ll have more professional freedom.
If you’re a die-hard nine-to-fiver and he’s still searching for the right career, he may be out on Monday or Tuesday nights later than you are. Even if he’s not a party animal, more professional freedom means less stability in the schedule “ be prepared to handle potentially erratic hours and constantly changing goals.

5. The relationship won’t work if you constantly have to keep reassuring him.
Just like any other relationship, if you have to keep continually assuring him that you love and respect him, it’s going to be exhausting for both of you. If he’s not confident enough to know you won’t up and bail on him, your relationship won’t have a solid foundation or attraction.


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