The Worst Places to Meet Guys

If you have just gone through a breakup, or have been single for a while and are now interested in meeting a new guy, there are a lot of great places to go to meet one. However, there are also some really bad places to go to meet a new guy.  While there are always exceptions to the rule, in general the places below are a few of the worst!

At work
As tempting as that guy at work may be, don’t do it. Your workplace is one of the worst places to meet a guy, period. When you work together, you never get a break “ he’s there no matter where you turn.  Also, what happens if things go badly? And when/if you break up? Or if he turns out to be a jerk? Do you really want to be running into him in the parking lot, hallways, cafeteria after that? And let’s not even go there is he’s your boss. Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general work is one of the worst places to meet a guy.

Another tempting thought, but one that can also be nightmarish when things go badly. Like dating a co-worker, dating a neighbor makes the “worst places”  list because it can be hard to get away from him. Whether you share an apartment complex or a neighborhood, you’ll always be passing by his doorway, parking near him, seeing each other come and go. And if things go south, you’ll probably still see him constantly. No matter how sexy your neighbor is, remember this is one of the worst places to find a guy to date and keep going.

Hotel Bars and Restaurants
Bars in general are one of the worst places to meet a guy, although Mr. Right can occasionally pop up there, but a hotel bar or restaurant should have a sign stating Find Guys Just Looking for a Fling Here. Guys at hotel bars are probably traveling on business, and are lonely and looking for love, just probably not the permanent type. Of course, if you are interested in a one-night hook up, this may be just the spot for you to meet that guy, but be careful. In general, hotel bars are near the very top of that worst places to meet a guy list.

Friends of friends
Yet another idea that sounds so good but can go so wrong. This isn’t the case of a friend who knows a guy you might like, this is dating an actual friend of one of your friends. It sounds so perfect “ you love your friend, this is one of their friends, why wouldn’t you get along? And while it may be the perfect relationship, again you need to think about what happens when you break up. Some guys make good friends but bad boyfriends. And if he is one of your close friends other close friends, that person may have to choose between the two of you if the relationship ends badly. So save yourself (and your friends!) from this anguish and put friends of friends near the top of your “worst places to meet guys” list.

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