Why Men Cheat

You love him. You trust him. And then…he goes and hooks up with someone else. And you have no idea why. There are tons of reasons why a guy might cheat and you may or may not ever know exactly the reason why he did what he, but we’re going to provide you with some of the most common ones…

You did it first

Revenge is a strong word. It’s an even stronger emotion. If you’ve been guilty of being unfaithful to your man and he found out, there is a chance that, when the opportunity arises the chance to get back at you might be too hard for him to resist.

The connection is gone

No matter what they say about guys always thinking with their, uh, member, the truth of the matter is that most men report that the reason they cheat is a loss of an emotional connection to their partner.

He’s not getting any

No, no, no. Believe us girl, your dude being a sleazy cheat is never, ever your fault. However, unfortunately the truth of the matter is that most guys report that the reason they cheated was because they weren’t getting any

His buddies are doing it

If his friends are screwing around without getting caught (or at least without being confronted about it) and without ratting each other out, chances are he will be less likely to think twice about having a little something going on the side.

He can justify it

Your definition of cheating and his definition of cheating could be very, very far apart. Without a doubt this is one of the conversations you should have early on in a relationship because if you give a guy an inch, you can bet he’ll take a mile. And, well, nothing counts when you’re drunk…..right?

He’s a coward

The truth of the matter is that some guys cheat because they are too scared to just end something they don’t want to be in anymore. Honestly girl, this one is going to hurt but hell, you are way better off without this guy in your life.

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