Why Are You Attracted to Assholes?

No, we don’t buy it, nice guys don’t always finish last, but yes, we will admit that some of them definitely fall by the wayside…and yes, usually that wayside comes as a complete interception by some dude who is arrogant and pompous and, in a lot of cases, just downright awful. And yet, there is just something about him…am I right ladies?

So why do we always seem to want those guys instead of the nice guys? What is the appeal of the bad boy? The heartbreaker? The asshole?

Because you think you can change him

Spoiler alert ladies: douchebags will never change. And yet, we have this insistent need (see: compassionate female) to try and change these men for the better. We believe that we will be that lucky girl sitting up next to him at the head table while his friends tell stories of how you are the girl who tamed him. Well keep dreaming sweetheart, cause that white dress is a loooong way away. Save yourself the trouble and walk away right now.

Because you’re not actually ready to settle

Ever noticed how all your girlfriends have seemed to go from being crazy party animals who love to meet/text/sleep with all the wrong guys (and then cry about it endlessly for weeks on end before getting over it and then moving on to the next jerk), to all of a sudden getting serious about dating, meeting a great guy, and totally become settled in a life as Martha-freaking-Stewart? Well, guess what? There is a reason for that. Your girlfriends, and quite possibly you, just might not be ready to be in a relationship yet so are laying you cards on the guys that you know aren’t going to make you want to commit (or who won’t themselves). But when that right guy comes along? Watch out ladies.

Or because you’re just a little desperate

Come on, admit it. All your friends are engaged, married, and/or pregnant and you’re just, well, here. Standing all alone. And that my friend can put all kinds of blinders that will make you believe that this guy is actually a decent dude. Shift your focus girl and find something else to occupy your time than desperately searching for Mr. Right to come along. Believe us when we say that the guy you really want is going to be the one who is going to turn up when you are out there living your life and being awesome and not crying into a tub of B&J over some douche.

Because, let’s be honest, they are usually smoking hot

But guess what? A pretty face doesn’t always mean a pretty heart and more importantly, it often means pretty boy sex (aka I-look-so-good-I-don’t-even-have-to-put-any-effort-in-sex). Don’t give him the satisfaction of swooning at his feet, and hightail it outta there. He deserves that hit to his ego. Trust us.

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