Where to Find Mr. Right this Holiday Season

Yes, we can all agree, being single at the holidays sucks. Majorly. But you know what doesn’t? Having free reign over all the sexy single men who come crawling out of the woodwork at this time of the year. And who is to say you shouldn’t get your fair share of time under the mistletoe this season, right? So where are all these handsome holiday hunks hiding? Read on…

At your work party
Sure, the company holiday party might seem totally lame when you have to attend solo, but for those of you who work for large companies, this kind of event is the perfect place to tap into the eligible men who work in different departments that you may never have crossed paths with. Keep this in mind when you are deciding between the sexy, sparkly dress and the dreary, dowdy number.

At the bars
We know, we know, everyone hate to pick up people in the bars these days and blah, blah, blah. Truth is, however, that the holidays are the prime time to be out scoping out the bar scene. With the plethora of holiday parties and such going on, it is more likely that more eligible men will stick around the scene after said events seeing as they don’t have a wifey to run home to. Take advantage girl, time is precious!

At the food bank
Is there anything in the world sexier than a man who donates his time to a good cause? We didn’t think so. This season book yourself in for some serious feel-good time by volunteering to a local food bank to help out families in need and who knows, you just might meet someone as equally selfless as yourself this holiday season. And you know, even if you don’t meet Mr. Right, you’ll still leave feeling pretty darn good about yourself. Win-win.

On the ice
Yes, the skating rink might be that totally cliche place where you go on a first date and stare longingly into one another’s eyes while you make a desperate attempt not to completely and utterly embarrass yourself by falling flat on your face. But you know what else it is? It is also a great place to pretend to be “Little Miss Clumsy” who stumbles right into that handsome solo skater across the way. Lace up, ladies!

At church
Don’t try and deny that you’ve never scoped out the eligible bachelor scene during Sunday mass with your family. The holidays are a time of year when more people (single men included!) will begin to attend services that surround holy events and because they are likely to be locals, there is good chance that someone you know will likely know them as well. Bet you never thought Granny would be besties with that handsome fellow’s great aunt, huh? It can happen. All it takes is a little faith!

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