What His Body Language Means

You may think that in order to understand men, you need to be a detective with an advanced degree in psychology. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

One of the best clues to understanding your man is through observing his body language. While these signals may not hold true for every single man out there, they’re common enough that you can use them as your own secret tool when need to figure out what he’s really trying to tell you.

Here’s a look at what’s behind the most common guy behaviour:

Running his fingers through his hair. Believe it or not, if he smoothes or ruffles his hair, this body language is a sign that he’s preening himself for you. Almost every male of every species does this, and it’s a good thing. He’s trying to make himself look his best for you.

Fidgeting. This means he wants out of the situation, whether it’s a conversation about visiting your mother or a dinner date gone bad. If he’s sitting there restlessly, moving around, glancing around or playing with his watch, his body language is telling you he wants out.

Licking his lips. This is usually a good sign” it signifies that he is nervous or anticipating something, but in a positive way. He’s nervous about the impression he’s making, hoping it’s a good one, and he’s anticipating”well, you know!

Stroking his face. Another good sign. If he strokes his cheek absently while you are talking it means he’s listening to and interested in what you’re saying. This is also true if he leans his hand on his chin while listening. Don’t confuse this with the forehead rub, combined with a wince, which usually means boy, this conversation is giving me a headache!

Raising his eyebrows. If it’s a quick gesture, commonly called an eyebrow flash, it means he likes what he hears or sees. This gesture should be as quick as a blink”not an inquisitive eyebrow arch. The latter can also be a signal, though”if it’s a gentle arch, it means he’s interested in listening to what you are saying. If it’s exaggerated, it means he’s incredulous (possibly not so good).

Stroking or smoothing his tie or lapel. This is another preening gesture, and it means he is trying to look his best for you. Similar to running his fingers through his hair, this type of body language signifies that he wants you to find him attractive.

Standing with his hands on his hips. He’s trying to make himself look bigger and more confident for you. Think alpha male: this is a very basic type of body language. He’s trying to show you he’s the biggest dog in the room, in a way he hopes will impress you.

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