Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship

Ever ask yourself where that spark went? You know”the one that made you want to ditch the dishes in favour of exploring every inch of your partner’s body¦ right there in the kitchen.

Well, chin up: your spark probably isn’t missing”you just extinguished it. So don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be permanent and you can re-ignite it if you want to. Passion is unpredictable. It catches us off guard. It excites us and fills us with anticipation. It’s what made the early days of your relationship so exciting and fun.

So how come it fizzled? Life happened. You replaced that thrilling roller-coaster ride with the boring (but necessary) routine of going to work, paying the bills, grocery shopping and feeding the cat. As you got closer to your partner, you settled into a routine. You got comfortable. But the spark went out.

Now what? You need to shake things up. When you and your partner first started dating, you both made an effort to make each encounter special. So that’s what you need to do now.

Break the routine you have created and dare to throw caution to the wind. For some of us, the mere thought of calling a boyfriend in the middle of the day for some spontaneous sexy chatter is foreign”but it might be just what the doctor ordered to get you both in a sexy frame of mind. Just a few minutes of sexy chatter can make the day go by a lot faster, spicing it up and giving you both something to look forward to in the evening.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, make a lunch date with your partner, but don’t tell him that lunch is going to be in a hotel room around the corner from his office. Just ask him to meet you in the restaurant downstairs, and when you head for the elevators instead, give a sly smile and tell him lunch is coming by room service.

More romantic types might prefer taking a long, leisurely stroll after dinner. Hold hands and go to your neighbourhood park”you can make like teenagers and sit on a bench for a passionate kissing session. In fact, rediscovering what it’s like to just kiss can be extremely sensual. If you want take it home to continue in front of the fireplace, do so, but make kissing the only thing you do that evening. Create a connection again and make a date to go to second base at a later time.

This will create that anticipation that you once felt when you first met your partner, and it’s a small way to keep the spark alive in your relationship while still making time for your responsibilities.

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