How Your Dating Standards Change From Your Twenties to Your Thirties

We’re not ones to make broad sweeping assumptions about anything but one thing we can definitely tell you is that dating in your twenties is like a bazillion times different than dating in your thirties. And trust us, it’s not all in a bad way.  

How you meet

In your twenties: You might have caught his eye across a crowded bar or swiped right on him on Tinder. It might last a night, it might last forever. You’re not really too hard-pressed either way because, well, you’re in your twenties.

In your thirties: You probably met him at your best friend’s wedding or through a set-up that your mom’s best friend’s sister’s cousin set you up on. You’ve reached the age where literally everyone is involved in your love life. Accept it. 

His appearance

In your twenties: If he doesn’t belong on the cover of GQ you’re basically over it. Abs? Check. Designer runners? Check. Full head of hair? MUST CHECK. You’re definitely at the age where you’ll only date guys your own age (or those who refuse to admit they are no longer your age) because like older dudes are old. And ew. 

In your thirties: Honestly, the older you get the less appealing his rock hard butt is and the more appealing his impressive portfolio is. And let’s be serious ladies, a dad bod is way less intimidating in the sack than the aforementioned perfect abs and butt. Like, who has time to keep that up anyway?

His job

In your twenties: He has one, right? That’s pretty much all that matters, no? Okay, okay, we’ll give you more credit than that. This is when you date someone whose got hearts-in-his-eyes passion for something and seemingly has the drive to make that passion into a reality. Whether he succeeds or not isn’t exactly a huge deciding factor for you.

In your thirties: He’s got a steady job with good upward mobility, a pension, an RRSP and full benefits¦ right? If not, buh-bye.

Your relationship status

In your twenties: You’re dating. Like casually. It’s not serious. Well, like you’re not really sure how serious it is. It’s sort of serious. But like you haven’t had the talk and you’re sure he’s not seeing anyone else. You think¦ but he might be. And if he is that’s totes cool. ˜Cause whatever.

In your thirties: You’re in a relationship. Like a fully committed, real relationship. You have had more serious conversations about the state of your relationship in the first six months of dating than you probably ever did in the entirety of your dating career in your twenties. You know each other’s stances on everything from finances to weddings to babies. You’re on a timeline and you bet he knows it.

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