5 Budget-Friendly Wedding Gifts That Rock

Wedding season is officially upon us and amongst all the teary eyes and wistful glances there is another emotion that often comes into play”stress. In particular, money stress. As wonderful as wedding season is, it can come at a cost and when times are tight and your wallet doesn’t seem to want to budge, sometimes you have to get creative with your wedding gift-giving. Here are five ideas for wedding gifts that rock and won’t break the bank.

Embroidered linens

You can often find great quality linens”bath towels, hand towels, dish towels, napkins, etc.”at discount stores like Winners or HomeSense. Pick up some at a good price and then take them into an engraving store. Many of them will add initials (or His & Hers or Mr & Mrs) to linens for as low as $5 per piece.

Milestone wedding basket

Head to the liquor store and pick up a couple of bottles of decently priced wine. Throw them all together in a pretty basket and add tags to each that tell the couple when they can open and drink that particular bottle. Give them one bottle for their wedding night, one for after their first fight, one for their first Christmas, one for their first dinner party and so on. Feel free to get as creative as you like. It will be unique gifts like this they’ll remember all throughout the year.

DIY coasters

Most couples will have at least a few nice photos of them up on social media (double bonus if you can score some of their engagement shots). Download the photos and have them printed out, then go and buy some basic tiles from your hardware store and follow these directions for how to make the couple some awesome coasters they’ll absolutely love to show off in their home.

Stock their post-honeymoon fridge

Got a talent for cooking that outweighs your savings account? Leave a note with the happy couple that you will prepare a few homecooked meals and snacks for them to have on hand upon their return to reality after their honeymoon. It’s a gift you can definitely do on the cheap and one we can promise they will be forever grateful for.

Crowdfund a gift

Want to give a gift that will still really have impact on the bride and groom? Consider being the ringleader of a crowdfunded gift. Are the couple saving for their honeymoon? A new house? A nest egg? Even though you might not be able to donate as much as you like, you can give the gift of your time by setting up, organizing and running the crowdfunding of a special gift for the happy couple.

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