The Unconventional Bride Guide: Finding Inspiration For Your Wedding Colours

No matter what you’re doing for your wedding, most couples tend to favour a theme or colour scheme to help them plan for their big day. The wedding colours. It’s a helpful way to think about everything from the dé©cor to the flowers to the venue and beyond. And it usually starts with what colours you want your bridal party to wear. Since the bride is usually in white and the groom usually in either grey or navy, the logical next leap to colour is determining what your bridesmaids will wear. And chances are if you’ve thought about your wedding at all, you have a good idea of what colours you want your maids to wear. A lot of the other stylistic choices stem from that initial decision.

My partner and I have no wedding party. No best man or maid of honour. No maids or groomsmen. We’ve invited the 20 guests who are attending our ceremony to wear whatever they want. Which means that even though we had a sense of what we wanted our wedding to feel like, it was hard to narrow down exactly what it would look like. Not having that initial palette of bridesmaids dresses threw me off when it came to choosing colours. And so, we had to find other inspiration for figuring out the theme and colours of our big day.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself if you have no idea what you want your wedding to look like.

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What’s your favourite colour? 


This one is simple. If you have strong feelings about a certain colour, chances are you probably see it popping up in one way or another for your wedding day. My favourite colours tend to skew neutral (black, white, grey) so this wasn’t too much help for me. But if you find yourself constantly picking up burgundy accessories or mint dé©cor, chances are you have a favourite colour that could make for a great wedding palette.

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