Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you and your man are the backpacking, granola-munching types, are you really going to make reservations at a swanky restaurant? Probably not. If you’re more the lingerie and whipped cream kind of couple, are you really going to bundle up for a frigid stroll in the woods this Valentine’s Day? Doubt it. For a few Valentine’s Day date ideas that are perfectly suited to you and your partner, read on.

The Outdoorsy Couple
The weather may still be chilly but that shouldn’t stop The Outdoorsy Couple from enjoying the outdoors. Visit your local ice skating rink, go for a scenic walk or find somewhere nearby to go cross-country skiing. Looking to get more romantic? Try any of these activities under the stars.   

The Classic Romantic Couple
If you or your significant other are the swooning, lovey-dovey type, Valentine’s Day is your day. Put on your little black dress, order that expensive bottle of wine and end the night with some Barry White. It isn’t often that such luxury is called for, so enjoy it!

The Stay-at-Home Couple
Sometimes, the most memorable Valentine’s Day dates are the ones spent at home. This year, curl up on the couch with your favorite alcoholic beverage (who says it has to be wine?), the best take-out in the city and an armful of romantic comedies. When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle and Love Actually are a few classics to get you started.

The Super Steamy Couple
Do we really need to tell you what to do this Valentines’ Day? Now is the perfect time to go on that Victoria’s Secret shopping spree. Lace, leather “ whatever you and your lucky guy fancy. If you’re feeling extra sexy, take a trip to your local adult fun store and pick out something fun together!

The Long Distance Couple
With all its reminders of love and companionship, Valentine’s Day can be emotional for long distance couples. Here’s an idea: A couple weeks before Valentine’s Day, mail each other a box of candy, small gifts, sentimental items, etc. Then, on February 14, open your packages together while on Skype. You can make this is as humorous or as romantic as you like!

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Couple
We know, we know: The commercialization, the unattainable expectations, the perpetuation of traditional gender roles. If you and your significant other are so against the modern idea of Valentine’s Day, do something that gets to the heart and soul of the holiday. Why not host a dinner for all of your friends and family “ single or otherwise “ to show how much you love them.

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