Celebrating Valentine’s Day Alone

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, a holiday filled with romance and possibilities. It brings up images of roses, champagne, candle light dinners and exchanging romantic gifts. If you are single and spending Valentine’s Day alone, you may start to feel a little down or blue, but there is really no reason for you to feel like that! Just follow some of the tips below and make celebrating Valentine’s Day alone fun.

Pamper yourself.
Plan a spa day just for you “ manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, whatever it is you enjoy pampering yourself with “ enjoy it! Have your hair cut, colored and styled at that luxurious salon you’ve always wanted to try, or maybe schedule a makeover. Spending some time alone spoiling yourself on Valentine’s Day can make it a memorable day you’ll look forward to spending on your own – maybe even next year!

Plan a special single day for you.

Make a list of all the things you love to do that you don’t usually enjoy when you are part of a couple. Maybe it’s an activity your last few boyfriends didn’t enjoy, or because it’s an activity you prefer to do alone. Then go out and do it! This could be anything from going to the park to sketch wildflowers, to roller skating, to getting a bunch of friends together to go to that new dance club your last boyfriend wouldn’t be caught dead in!

Try something new.
Instead of hanging around the house feeling blue because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself and try something new. Go out to eat or order takeout from a restaurant with cuisine you’ve never sampled, rent a movie in a genre you’ve never seen, bake a pie, or sew a skirt. Just do something new that will challenge your mind and get you away from those useless, down in the dumps feelings about being alone on Valentine’s day.

Throw a party.
Have a Single’s Valentine’s Day party for all your single friends. You can make it pot luck or just order in a little takeout, or go all out and plan a spectacular party. Put on the music, pour the wine, and have a great time. If you don’t feel like planning a party, then get your friends together for a rowdy, fun filled dinner at a restaurant. (Don’t forget to make reservations, as many restaurants fill up quickly on Valentine’s Day.) And don’t forget to invite some single guy friends, and invite your friends to bring their single guy friends, too. You might meet someone you’ll spend next Valentine’s Day with!

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