3 Trends You’ll See at Every Wedding this Summer

Wedding season is in full swing and there are lots of details and decisions to be made. Armed with some of the top tips from Wedding Bells magazine, I'm delivering the top three wedding trends for 2014.

Read on to see what’s in and what is on its way out!


Macarons Are Out; é‰clairs Are In!

If you can believe it, the Parisian decadence that is the macaron has hit its peak of chic and is slowly on its way off of dessert tables. Instead, the surprising choice of 2014 is the é©clair. We're not talking about the simple cream filled, chocolate-striped centre kind that you can find at a chain. These é©clairs are decked out for celebrations. With designs that vary from geometric patterns printed on edible paper to edible sugar pearls and silver balls fit for royalty, they are rounded out with gourmet flavoured fillings like pistachio or chocolate raspberry. This is the new (edible) way to wow your guests.

All Pink Everything

The idea of all things pink in your wedding doesn't have to mean a Pepto-themed celebration. In fact, pink is hot for this years wedding season and it couldn’t be more apparent in the world of bridal gowns. From bold fuchsia accents in accessories (shoes, jewellery and makeup) to garden pretty rosy shades in gorgeous gowns made of tulle, chiffon, lace and organza. With over 12 years of intense wedding experience, EIC of Wedding Bells, Alison McGill has picked this as her top 2014 wedding trend of the year. “I love the idea of brides having fun and with their bridal look and turning traditional a little on its head. A show-stopping pretty pink wedding dress is a beautiful way to do this.” says McGill. With so many wonderful options to choose from and so many designers choosing to do colour-based bridal, I couldn't agree with Alison more.

Luxury Honeymoons

The fog of the one week all-inclusive is lifting and through the mist of a la carte reservations and rum based cocktail slushes shines the beacon of an unforgettable, extended luxury honeymoon. Think Nice, France. Think Tuscany, Italy. Think Dubai, U.A.E and think about doing them all in one trip. Consider what your dream vacation would look like and then make that your honeymoon. Maxing out your vacation days and hopping from one city to the next or going all out at a decadent 5 star hotel in the middle of an island oasis. Whatever your heart’s desire, this year is all about savings those pennies and going all out to make your honeymoon one of the biggest (and best) trips of your life.  Whatever your choice is, this is the time to make your honeymoon the  
vacation to beat for years to come.

Are there any particular trends you're loving this year for weddings? Is there a trend you are hoping is on its way out? Tell us about your most loved/hated wedding trends!

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