The Best On-Screen Couples (Who are Actually the Worst)

If we’ve learned anything from the Instagram generation, it’s that even the things that look the most perfect on the outside are often far from when you dig a little deeper and same goes for entertainment world. When we take time to really sit back and think about some of our favourite couples in television and film, we can quickly realize that sometimes things are rarely as great as they seem. Like these¦ 

Carrie & Big from Sex And The City


No woman needs to ever go through the emotional turmoil that Carrie went through in the years (and years and years) of her on-and-off relationship with Mr. Big. Looking back, it really is a little disheartening that chasing a dude who basically strung her along until he was ready wasn’t exactly a great role model for any of us. Probably explains why we were all so excited when Aiden turned up in the second movie¦are we right?    

Tony & Maria from West Side Story


Let’s be serious here ladies, Tony was in a gang. Like a really gang. Like the kind of gang where people get shot and stuff. Which is exactly what happens–and is the second reason why this seemingly sought after relationship (which is totes to blame for us believing we can change the bad boy) sucks. Cause, spoiler alert¦ he dead. 

Baby & Johnny from Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing

There are so many things that ruin the feels surrounding this couple, a favourite of pretty much every female born in the 1980s. Let’s be clear here, when the film took place Baby was a naé¯ve 17-year-old from a wealthy Jewish family. Johnny was a poor 25-year-old dancer who works three months a year and drives a bad car. Like who would ever believe that this would work past that summer? No one. 

Ross & Rachel from Friends


We’re sorry, but how many girls would be totally okay with settling for a dude who very obviously has commitment issues, cheats repeatedly, marries basically everyone, and then on top of it all, asks you to give up on your dream job to come back to him. Um, no thanks. Even after all the hype, we’re still on Team Joey.

Noah & Allie from The Notebook


From the very beginning, when Noah dangles himself from a ferris wheel threatening to kill himself if Allie doesn’t go out with him, this relationship is all kinds of wrong (like as if you’d go out with a guy who did that). In reality, basically all Allie and Noah ever do is fight and have sex and fight and have sex. But sigh, they sure do still make an adorable old couple.

Harry & Sally from When Harry Met Sally


Because, let’s be honest, we all know that Marie and Jess are the real #CoupleGoals in this movie.

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