Surprise Birthday Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Most girls love to be surprised. They want their guys to swoop them off their feet and whisk them away for an unexpected adventure or treat. But many of us don’t stop to think about how much our men would love the same in return. This year, on his birthday, surprise him with something really special. Catch him off guard with one of these brilliant surprises and he’ll have to top it for you when your day rolls around!

Hot air balloon or helicopter ride: Book an air tour above your community, whether it’s in a hot air balloon or a helicopter. Chat with the tour operator ahead of time so you know what you’ll be seeing and be ready to point out special places, such as your home and where you had your first date or first kiss. Word of warning, though: these tours depend on weather conditions, so your plans can change quickly.

Get his adrenaline flowing: Do something crazy together. If you live in Toronto, take him on the CN Tower EdgeWalk around the outside of the tower. If you want to get really extreme, try skydiving. Not quite there yet? Ziplining is fun and adventurous too. Getting your heart rates up together and getting some crazy photos will make for a birthday he’ll never forget!

Tickets to his favourite sports team: Whether you usually cheer along with him or you skip the sports altogether, he’ll appreciate going to see his favourite team on his birthday. Score some sweet seats, put on some jerseys and scream as loud as you can for his team of choice. If your arena or venue takes message requests for the big screen, submit one wishing your guy a happy birthday!

Show off a new outfit: Slip into something a little more comfortable… Pick up some sexy lingerie and let him unwrap you as his gift.

Racecar driver for a day: Hook him up with a tour around town in a luxury car. Some companies will rent fancy cars by the day, others will take super-fast race cars in a fleet on guided drives or let drivers loose on a track to test out their temporary rides. Either way, he’ll get to see what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a powerful, expensive, beautiful ride.

Arrange for a visit from a special friend: Maybe one of his best buds moved away? Guys miss their bros. Connect with him and get him to town without your boyfriend knowing. Throw a party with the regular gang and have the out of town guest turn up. The birthday boy will love to see him and will appreciate your efforts!

Most importantly, try to play up your guy’s interests. Even if you don’t share the same hobbies, maybe his birthday is the day you try something for the first time. It’s his day, afterall, so do something just for him!

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