Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

In a couple of weeks time, ˜Singles‘ Awareness Day’ rolls around. And while being surrounded by all things chocolate, red roses and heart-shaped trinkets isn’t going to be high up on the list, the day doesn’t have to be a miserable one, lamenting on the things past or on what you might not have in your life right now. In fact, it can be quite the opposite with a shift in perspective:

Do “ try to spend the day enjoying yourself. Make a decision to have some fun on Valentine’s Day and do it. Just because you may be single right now, doesn’t mean you have to hide and spend the day moping.

Do “ acknowledge that single-hood is a phase in life. So while you may be counting for one today, that may change tomorrow. Enjoy where you are.

Don’t “ grumble about love, relationships or the jerk you just broke up with. No one knows what to do with that, least of all on Valentine’s Day.

Do “ treat yourself. If you were with someone, you’d spend the money on a gift or a dinner out. Instead, spend it on yourself and do something just for you that you might normally not do.

Do “ think of spending the day with some good friends or have a dinner party at home.

Do “ keep it all in perspective. It’s one day!

Don’t “ quickly try to find someone to fill the void. It never works and you might end up feeling worse.

Do “ call all your single friends and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day. You’ll make their day.

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