Sneaky Ways to Save 25 Bucks Per Week

With a little planning ahead, you can save a lot of cash. You don’t need to sacrifice your magazine-buying habit, be a hermit, or quit splurging on lattes. Just make some cutbacks where you can. Here are some ideas.

1. Shop at bulk stores.
You’d be surprised how much cash you save when you buy dried goods in bulk. Stock up on staples like pasta, nuts, flours, pretzels, (and candy).

2. Start baking.
Skip your afternoon vending machine stop and slash your morning coffee shop bill by making a batch of your favourite muffins and freezing them so they last you all week. This tactic will save you some calories, too.

3. Get a library card.
When it comes to saving money, the library is your best friend. Aside from renting DVDs and books for free, you can also attend some handy workshops and learn how to do other stuff, like managing debt, starting a business, or being a social media guru.

4. Avoid ATMs that aren’t your bank.
Those pesky fees can be up to $2.00 per withdrawal. Hit your bank and get a wad of cash out so you can avoid emergency ATM-runs during the week. Just make sure you’re not more tempted to spend said cash. Keep most of it stashed at home when you go out if need be.

5. Go no name.
Some food items are just as good when they’re not brand name. It’s a double-deal when they’re on sale. Hey, those couple dollars definitely add up.

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