Single forever?

Is he or isn’t he? It is one of the biggest question on a woman’s mind once a relationship is serious for a while — when is he going to propose? But you wait and you wait and you wait¦.and nothing. So what is the deal? Well ladies, the (somewhat harsh) truth is¦he may never be.

And here’s how you’ll know…

All his friends are single
Trying to break through your man’s elusive “boys club” is about as easy as trying to eat your soup with a fork. And if the majority of the boys in said club are single — and thus still out hitting the club scene and having random casual sexual encounters every weekend — well, let’s just say you’re going to be waiting a while for that ring, sweetheart.

He’s a short-term planner
This guys schedule runs on a 5-7 day basis. Making plans with him anywhere past that and you’re pushing it. He rarely makes plans with you for the near future and as for the distant one? Good luck getting him to commit to something, say a wedding or a vacation, that is a few months down the line. It ain’t gonna happen.

He avoids the “M” word
If you’ve ever mentioned the word marriage and watched your man, literally, recoil in fear and then change the subject with rapid speed, then you are definitely dating a man who isn’t putting a ring on it any time soon. If he has never, ever, ever once broached the subject of marriage with you then we can promise there is no reason to be getting your hopes up.

You’ve never met the family
Sure it’s one thing to meet the friends, but the true test of whether or not your guy is going to pop the question, is ultimately going to be getting the approval of his family. And we don’t care if they live one the other side of the freaking world, if you haven’t at least met his parents (even if it is only via Skype), he’s not getting down on one knee.

He’s a corporate climber
This guy has his goals set high. Really, really high. And chances are that a wife and maybe a couple of kids are only going to be a hindrance to his ultimate high ranking goals in life. Sure this guy may be ready to settle down¦some day. But it will likely be from the comfort of a CEO chair, about fifteen years from now.

He’s cheated¦more than once
First of all, no offence, we’re not really sure why you’d want to marry this guy? But that said, chance are that when this guy is (finally!) ready to settle down with one person, it’s probably going to be someone who doesn’t know all his dirty dealings in the past. Dodge that bullet my dear and walk away. You deserve better.

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