Single and Stuck?

How many times has it happened to you? You see that “perfect couple” walking down the street and stop in wonderment and think to your single self, “what does she have that I don’t?”

We all like to think of ourselves as normal, functioning (and sexy-as-hell!) human beings¦so what is it about some of us that makes finding a lasting commitment — or even just a short term one — such hard work?

We dug around amongst our gaggle of single ladies (and a few taken ones!) and came up with these: our top seven reasons why YOU are still single.

1. You’re desperate
It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how much money you make, or how incredible you look in a tight dress and six inch heels¦if a guy takes you on a date and then you turn into Stalker Barbie, he is NOT going to want to see you again. This goes for excessive texting, calling, or cyber stalking.

2. You’re the “girl friend”
With a MAJOR emphasis on that tap on the spacebar, you are the girl who never, ever wears her heart on her sleeve. You don’t flirt your way into a man’s heart, you befriend your way in. But let’s make something very clear here ladies, once a guy starts putting you in the same category as the people he belches and farts with during an intense XBox battles, you are already too far gone.

3. You’re a control freak
Compromise? What’s compromise? Look at the other areas of your life, and if you discover that there is rarely any room for it to be any way but your way, chances are you probably approach relationships the same way.

4. Your friends suck
Never let anyone let you believe that you are not judged by the company you keep. If your friends are, um, less than nice or, um, don’t know how to keep their knickers on, you are likely going to be judged as being the same. Easy solution? Just find some better friends, love.

5. You’re in love with your ex
Plain and simple girls¦if you aren’t over him, don’t get under someone else. It never works out. End of story.

6. You’re shallow
Raise your hand if the first thing you look at when you see a hottie is his shoes? Congratulations, you are as superficial as we. There is nothing wrong with liking your man to look good ladies, but if your lists of “must-have’s” is rapidly outgrown the list of things you can overlook, then you might have some reevaluating to do about yourself instead of others.

7. You’re afraid of commitment
Let’s be serious, even those of us who long for a cuddle partner on a rainy Sunday afternoon can admit that maybe a full time gig isn’t exactly what we’re looking for. Maybe, just maybe, the thought of long term and marriage and babies and¦.gasp¦.separation and divorce and losing half your stuff, doesn’t really appeal. No shame.

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