Should You Give Him a Second Chance?

You’ve broken up once, now he’s back and looking better than ever. Should you give him a second chance? There are many things to consider, such as the reasons you’re debating taking him back. We take a look at some pros and cons of giving love a second try:


  • When you first get back together, you’ll feel on top of the world! No matter how bad the break up, on some level you missed him, otherwise you wouldn’t have taken him back.  Plus, makeup sex is awesome.
  • You won’t have to go on that awkward first-date, then over-analyze relentlessly afterwards. You already know you like each other!
  • You won’t have to wonder what he’s like in bed – the guesswork is removed. You already know which buttons to press, and this time-saver can be a very, very good thing!
  • You’ve already met his parents (and he yours), so you don’t have to worry about whether or not they will like you. (But remember, if your mom hated him before, she probably still hates him!)
  • Did I mention make up sex is awesome


  • If you broke up because he cheated, chances are you’ll have more than fidelity issues this time around. The trust has been broken, and sometimes, it can’t be repaired. Do you want to be driven mad every time he gets a text or phone call?
  • He may take you for granted if you take him back – hey, you gave him a second chance, right? This can lead to laziness and even the aforementioned infidelity.
  • Unlike a new relationship, you won’t have a clean slate. You will both remember slights and wrongs that will be too easy to whip out during a fight.
  • You won’t experience butterflies, or that first kiss, first move, first sexual encounter or thrill with each other. Been there, done that.
  • If you broke up because he was too clingy, too bossy, too insecure, or had other emotional issues, he probably hasn’t changed. Think about why you broke up, and what you will be willing to accept this time around.
  • If your first break up was emotional and messy, and left you down for weeks (months!), imagine what this break up will be like!  Are you willing to put yourself through that again?
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