Sexy Selfie 101

Let’s be serious ladies, we know there is already an insane amount of pressue to look stellar in those secret sexy shots we send off to our significant others (although our partners are WAY less critical than we are on ourselves), especially when we're competing with the Kim Kardashians of the world. It is terrible to admit, but let's not lie to ourselves, we want to feel good! We want to look hot. Well fear not. We've come to the rescue. Here’s how to get your nudies (or partial nudies) right…every, single, time.

And for those of you reading this and thinking, "How dare you promote sexy nude selfies." Everyone's got their thing, and believe me… this is WAY more common than you think. And to that we say, "YOU DO YOU!"

Know your angles

Keep in mind if your left side is your good side and if your butt always looks better than your boobs. Or vice versa. These are the things that will make or break you. Learn them, embrace them, and use them to the best of your advantage.

Lighting is key

You want light but not full light and not too low light (because well, what’s the point then, right?) Play with the lighting as you snap your shots, before you know it, you’ll know your go-to hue off by heart. Oh…and never, ever use a flash. The deer in the headlights doesn’t work for anyone but Zooey Deschanel.

Get creative

There are only so many pictures of you standing sexily in front of a mirror that you can send – get naked with your laptop watching porn or hop in the tub and lather yourself in suds or bring in your vibrator to let him show how you have to get by when he isn’t around.

Clean up

Nothing ruins a super hot shot of your sexy self like a messy bed, a dirty mirror, or an unkempt outfit. Before you start to shoot, clean up the space around you and clean up yourself, let nothing else distract your partner from how completely and utterly amazing you look.

Less is sometimes more

Sometimes a really see-through tee or a pair of bare legs in a set of heels can be sexier than a full-frontal nude shot. Don’t ever underestimate the appeal of a little more modest approach to your shots once and a while.

Stay in your comfort zone

Whether you take the pictures and send them, take the pictures and then deleted them, or never even get up the nerve to take the shots at all, make your comfort level your number one priority. If at any point it starts to feel wrong…stop. 

Don’t show your face

Undoubtedly the most important one to remember because, let’s be serious, no matter how much you love you man right now, every relationship can go sour and the last thing you want is for these pics to come back to haunt you.

[Photo: Gigi Hadid Instagram] 

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