Sex on the First Date? Men Tell All

Should you have sex on a first date? Though most say you should generally avoid sleeping with a guy the first time you go out with him, that still leaves us with one big question: when is the right time to have sex with your new guy?

We spoke to men to get their opinion on the topic, and let’s just say we got quite the variety of answers. Some were surprisingly wise, while others were just plain, well, douchey.

Here’s what they had to say:

When sex is the last thing you think about. When you call the girl to meet up and all you want is to be with her, watch a movie, take a walk, tell jokes and cuddle, that’s when it is a good time to start having sex. When guys think about having sex from day one, that’s lust, not love. “ Alex, 22, single. 

Whenever she’s ready/ASAP. Though I should say that there is more importance on the ˜when she’s ready’ part. “ David, 23, in a relationship.

This answer varies based on standards, values, what you look for in a guy, and what a guy looks for in you, but generally, don’t give it up in the first two months. It’s almost too long, but it’s good enough to know the girl won’t give it up too easily, and is enough time to help you realize whether or not she is worth pursuing. Other types of sexual practices may help in the time waiting for that moment to come (pun intended). “ Norm, 29, in a relationship.

Depends on how hot she is¦but on the first date, I would assume that she would only be good for a hookup, because it was too easy. It could develop into a relationship if I wanted it to, because at that point, I’d have all the power. But, after that, I would just lose interest in her and use her as plan B or C. The ideal time for me would be on the fourth or fifth date, because it gives me time to ask questions and to get to know her, and give her to time want to get to know me, and really ask me stuff. I’m not just going to call some girl my girlfriend. I have to know her, and she has to meet my friends too. But leading up to that, we better be doing something! “ Justin, 24, single.

Right away, that way if it’s bad you can get out before it gets too serious. “ Dave, 24, single.

Quite honestly, there’s not really a time frame, per se. If you feel it, and it’s there, then it will happen, whether it be a day, a week, or a month after you started seeing each other. “ Chris, 23, in a relationship.

From an online dating perspective, it all depends on the build-up. For example, I would say it is okay to have sex with a girl the first time you meet her if you’ve been talking for a while, and building up sexual tension. Sometimes if you build a good enough connection before hand, the first time you meet someone you can feel like ripping each other’s clothes off.

However, meeting someone randomly, I would say it’s not right to have sex on the first date. The first date is for you to get to know each other, the second date you’ll probably go out for a few drinks, cuddle on a couch, and end up making out. So I’d say probably the third or fourth date. Just remember: anything beyond one night is making an effort to get to know someone¦no one wants to go on multiple dates for a hookup. That’s when you know a guy is serious about you. “ Michael, 25, single.

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