Relationship Deal Breakers You Should Never Put Up With

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there are always going to be things you’ll have to learn to compromise on. But where’s the line between compromising and being a complete pushover? How do you know when to put your foot down and when to let things slide?

Setting healthy boundaries in any relationship is key, and only you and your partner can know what’s cool and what just isn’t. That said, here are a few non-negotiable relationship deal breakers that should send you running for the hills in no time:

Abuse of any kind. Whether it’s verbal, physical or emotional, abuse is abuse, and you definitely shouldn’t take it from anyone! No one ever deserves to abused, and every healthy relationship should be founded on love and kindness. If your partner ever resorts to name-calling, pushing, or even the silent treatment, it would be wise to seriously consider a break up.

Opposing values. While variety is what keeps a relationship fun and exciting, if you and your life partner don’t share any of the same or even similar values at all, it could make your relationship rocky. For example, if you value having children over everything, and he puts work before family, you might want to reconsider starting a life with him. Or, if you’re all about living a healthy lifestyle and he hasn’t eaten anything green in a decade, this could make your relationship slightly more challenging.

A short fuse. Dealing with someone who has a quick temper and a ton of pent-up aggression is never fun, but when it’s your partner, it can be seriously detrimental to your happiness. If your partner frequently lashes out on you, your family members, or even wait staff at restaurants, it could be time to say goodbye for good.

What are some relationship deal-breakers that have ended your past relationships? Let us know in the comments below.

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