Play it Cool, Keep it Hot

There is a fine line in the dating world and it comes in the form of disinterest vs too much interest. In the early days of a relationship, it might be tempting, in particular with the over abundance of communication tools at our disposal now, to assume that a few texts or a Facebook invite, is a full blown relationship. Well, it’s not.

So, how are we supposed to maintain that interested front without coming across like a stalker extraordinaire? How are we to play it cool these days while still keeping the heat?

Have a response deadline
We understand (and fully encourage!) that you don’t want to appear TOO eager by responding instantly to every text he sends, but make sure you put a time limit on how long you wait. You can leave it until the end of your workday or after you’ve wrapped up a girls night out, but leave your guy hanging more than eight hours and he’s likely going to assume you aren’t interested. A cute and flirty text, expressing genuine apology for your delay, will go a long way to reigning him back in without looking like you’re waiting on his every move.

Don’t drink and dial
Alcohol has a funny way of making a three minute response time suddenly seem an awful lot like 35 minutes. There is nothing more frightening to a man, especially at the start of a relationship, then getting a plethora of half legible text messages about how much you like him, one-right-after-another. Long story short, if you’re boozing, let him know you are and then put the phone away. Text him in the morning. We promise it will be far less embarrassing.

Don’t talk about other guys
For some reason our girl brains have deemed it logical to talk about this guy who wants to date us and that guy who keeps texting us and that other guy from work who is totally crushing on us. To us, it is some weird reverse psychology that we think is somehow going to make it seem like we are in super high demand and he will immediately become more interested in winning. In reality, it never works and he’ll be on the fast train to move on to someone who seems a little more available.

Keep social media neutral
Please, please, please ladies¦don’t become one of those girls who Tweet cryptic song lyrics or post some random photo with the noncommittal words “thinking of you” splashed across the description. Chances are this guy probably doesn’t even know that you are referring to him (don’t give any man that much credit) and even if he does, you’re probably just gonna creep him out. Leaving the relationship status change request up to him. Trust us, in due time he’ll want the whole world to know you are his.

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