Our 7 Favourite Bachelors Competing to Win Britt and Kaitlyn’s Love!

The season premiere of the Bachelorette is coming up on Monday, May 18 and we can’t wait to meet the new hunks and watch it all unfold. This season brings a double whammy, featuring two bachelorettes looking for love, Britt and Kaitlyn. We scoped the scene of the 25 bachelors set to appear on the show and picked our top faves.

Here’s a list of who we love and why:


Bachelor BradyFirst of all, who doesn’t like a musician? They’re sensitive, creative, romantic, and all-around sexy. This singer-songwriter hails from Nashville, Tennessee and seems to possess all the best traits of a musician and southern gent. It looks like Brady’s admiration for his parents has left him well-equipped to start a family of his own. He shares his amazing perception that marriage is ultimately about compromise, sacrifice, and growth, an outlook that makes him perfect partner material. Not to mention the fact that he clearly has a sense of humour, as well as honesty and realness, since he lists his biggest date fear as explosive diarrhea! Legit, that would be a scary thing. We hope that he writes a love song for the bachelorettes because really, he would be stupid not to.


Bachelor DanielWe like Daniel because he seems honest, simple, and straightforward, based on his biggest date fear being dishonesty and manipulation, and his view of marriage as nothing more than sharing a beautiful life together. We absolutely love that he feels the most romantic present he’s ever received is love and support because, as he puts it, buying stuff is easy. This definitely shows that he will not simply settle for buying you off. He will actually put in real time and effort to make you feel happy and loved. On top of all of this, he’s a fashion designer! This guy will not only be honest about whether or not your outfit makes you look terrible, he can also give you style tips to help you look your best. And he probably has some seriously sweet hook-ups to the latest clothes, shoes, and accessories (score!).


Bachelor JaredEverything about this guy says confidence and compassion. First of all, he lists one of his favourite movies is Crazy, Stupid, Love “ not many dudes would be willing to admit that they love a rom com. Jared’s confidence really shines through when he says that he doesn’t have any dating fears and that he would want to be President Barack Obama for a day to experience what it would be like to be a world leader. The best part about his sexy confidence is that he is far from cocky. In fact, he seems quite humble. His greatest achievement? Volunteering at a summer camp for kids with cancer. His idol? His dad, for being the most genuine, kind, hardworking person I’ve ever met. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that.



Bachelor JoshJosh stood out to us because he listed his occupation as both a law student and an exotic dancer. So he’s got brains AND booty? Yes please! We’re assuming that he’s doing the I’m only doing this to put myself through school move and will give up his wild stripper side to settle down with one lucky lady. He views his future wife as being so much a part of him that he will need to adjust his actions accordingly. We think he would make a good partner because of his understanding that marriage is first and foremost about selflessness. It’s clear that Josh likes to be different, as he admires people that resist conformity and conventionality. A future in law shows that he will be a good provider, while his past in exotic dancing shows that he will definitely have all the best moves in the bedroom.


Bachelor JoshuaThere’s a lot to like about Joshua. He’s sexy, manly, strong, and at the same time sweet and silly. This industrial welder has a bunch of tattoos (yum!) and has climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro (wow!). We think it’s absolutely adorable that he listed his biggest date fear as his mom walking in holding a kleenex to his nose and ordering him to blow. It’s funny and endearing, and suggests that he has a special relationship with his mama, which always makes for a good man. We also like how he says that if he could be any superhero, he would be the Invisible Man because what guy wouldn’t want to be in a room full of women to listen to them talk to try to understand them better? At least he would be using his superpowers for good and not evil (like creeping on women getting dressed instead of just trying to understand them). Finally, he views marriage as an important accomplishment “ now that’s relationship material!

Shawn B

Bachelor Shawn BHere is some definite house husband material. Shawn is totally a family man who loves kids and pets. His choice to become any superhero is the Hulk simply because it’s his two-year-old nephew’s favourite. If he could be anyone else for the day, Shawn would want to be his dog because he spoils him to no end, which leads us to believe that he would probably spoil the love of his life just as much. He also is super handy because he completely rehabbed a 19th century farmhouse with his dad. Kind of reminds us of Ryan Gosling’s character in The Notebook, and he kind of looks like him too. Also, you would never have to worry about him getting soft or letting himself go because he works as a personal trainer. Strong, sexy, and sensitive. Sigh.

Shawn E

Bachelor Shawn EShawn is the one and only Canadian boy on the show, so that scored points with us right off the bat. He seems to be the ultimate lover, all about romance with a little bit of humour, considering his favourite holiday is Valentine’s Day and his biggest date fear is passing gas. He lists his occupation as Amateur Sex Coach “ if this is true, he must be an exceptional lover, and if it’s not true, well, at least he’s got enough humour and confidence to make that claim. His ideal date is the epitome of romance “ he would take you to do something fun and exciting during the day (like skydiving), follow up with dinner in a romantic spot (like on the beach or near a bonfire), and would make love till the sun comes up. Clearly, Shawn is all about commitment. For him, divorce is not an option because once he gets married, he’s in it to win it. Maybe he will win it on the Bachelorette!

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