Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

It’s happened. You’re in a beautiful, amazing, brand new relationship. It’s shiny, new, and glorious. He’s amazing and he makes you feel amazing. Everything is basically perfection. And then the bomb gets dropped. He’s cheated before.

The faé§ade is shattered and you are left vulnerable and confused and questioning his every move. But do you really have anything to worry about? Is it true what they say? Is it really that once a guy is a cheater, he is always a cheater? A number of factors come into play when questioning whether someone who has cheated will cheat again. These are them…


He was young

Any form of cheating that went on before the age of 20 is basically exempt. Now we’re not talking about the young boy who repeatedly cheats on their highschool sweetheart over and over and over again (those guys don’t change love, sorry to break it to you). We’re talking about the young and immature boy who didn’t know how to handle relationships, his raging hormones and

He volunteers the information

If you’re dating a new dude and he comes willingly clean about his dirty past, and genuinely seems remorseful for his actions, then you can probably bet that this is a guy who has learned from his mistakes and grown out of his bad behaviour. If you learn about his wrongdoings through someone else, and upon questioning him, he doesn’t have a valid reason for withholding the information, you should probably be concerned.

He blames his ex

If he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions when you broach the subject of his past, you can probably assume that he doesn’t truly think he did anything wrong. A guy who blames his ex’s behaviour for “driving him” to infidelity, will ultimately find it very easy to do exactly the same thing when things start to get a little rough between you and him.

His friends are cheaters

No, it is not necessarily true that all guys who hang out with other dudes who cheat will ultimately cheat, but for someone who is already guilty of this misdoing, it is a lot easier to get away with when you’re surrounded by other people who won’t judge you if he slips up again.

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