The New Rules of Online Dating

Texting and online profiles have firmly replaced phone calls and little black books and the practise of online dating is more accepted and intriguing than ever before. Not sure where and how to begin? NP (text speak for no problem): simply follow these rules, and your status will change from single to in a relationship faster than you can point and click.

1. Be real

Tempting though it may be to post a glamour shot from that night you partied like it was 1999 (it really was), it’s best to keep it current and realistic. Your profile is meant to reflect who you are every day and not necessarily in dramatic dress and full makeup. Choose a photo of you at your happiest in a natural setting. Besides, if you have to pretend to be someone else this early in the game, you’re going to.

2. Give a little, not a lot

While you might want to pepper your profile with a list of every film you love, every thought in your head and feeling in your heart, hold back. Leaving some blanks will not only ensure you make it past small talk, but that you retain a little mystery “ one of the most exciting parts about dating. You’re a dynamic, multi-dimensional woman whose qualities cannot be chopped up and slotted into generic headings on a profile page. Stick to the basics, and, just as you would in the real world away from your computer, let the rest reveal itself naturally and gradually.

3. Take it to the next level

It’s exciting “ and safe “ to exchange notes and clever quips over email, but don’t linger too long online. Move from instant message to a phone conversation as soon as you can “ it’s a far more reliable way to figure out if you connect, and, if you don’t, you haven’t wasted nearly as much time and effort.

4. Check your expectations

Nothing seems more daunting than stepping out from behind your laptop to meet in person. What if he’s not as hilarious as his side-splitting analysis of Jersey Shore? What if he pales in comparison to his profile picture? What if you do? It’s a nervousness contest and you’re both tied. Try to relax and approach this first meeting with an open mind.

5. Show a little respect

You’ve met a nice guy and you’ve enjoyed a couple of dates, so resist the temptation to log on and flirt madly with other fellows every free moment you get. Internet dating sites are full of charming distractions “ just make sure you don’t lose sight of the one you really like.

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