Navigating Long Distance Relationships

They say all the best guys are taken, gay or ¦ 3000 miles away. If the man of your dreams lives in another province, country or continent, be sure to check out these tips for making long distance relationships work and spare yourself the separation anxiety.

Make Yourself Clear
Before you jump into a long distance relationship, it is important to make your expectations to each other clear. Are you allowed to see other people? Is one of you willing to eventually relocate? How will you deal with skeptical friends and family? Clarifying these things early on can help prevent future frustration and heartbreak.

Communication is Key
Promise each other that you will communicate in some way everyday. But don’t limit yourself to phone calls! Send a few sweet texts while you’re at work, get face-to-face with a video chat, write a detailed e-mail or, better yet, compose a handwritten letter!

Spend Time Together
Just because there is a large body of water or land between you, that doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. Set up your webcams as you each make dinner or watch your favorite TV show over the phone. Doing the same thing as the same time and being able to share that experience can really help a long distance couple feel more connected.

Go the Distance
As much as your schedules and budgets will allow, do make sure to visit each other as often as possible. Plan a weekend of memory making or spend a couple of days hibernating in bed together. If the distance between you is more than you can afford to travel, meet half way for a romantic vacation.

Stay Positive
Long distance relationships can be difficult, but try to be positive! Take time to reminisce about the good times that you and your guy have spent together and allow yourself to dream about the future you will eventually share. Doing so will help take both of your minds off of the “now”, which may be less than ideal.

Long Distance Lovin’
Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of making long distance love. Keeping the fire alive can be difficult without each other’s physical presences but think of it as an opportunity to get creative. Try making some steamy phone calls or engage in a little “sexting.” A naughty Skype session maybe?

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