5 Reasons Dating a Celebrity Would be Super Awkward

We’ve all had celebrity dreams but what would it be like to date one? Fancy movie release parties, or being backstage at their sold out concert–life would be surreal¦ or would it? Reality check: dating a celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be, and in fact, it can be incredibly awkward. Here’s how:

They’re always on the run

A celebrity always has somewhere to be. Press interviews, appearances, charity work, oh–and their job! You’ll never know where your celebrity partner might be next and become frustrated that every moment is scheduled down to minute; or at least it’ll feel that way. Prepare to be pushed aside and overrun. It won’t feel like you’ve got a boyfriend or girlfriend, as much as you have the idea of one. It seems a lot of celebrities in long term relationships find partners who can accommodate and travel with them. It can be exhausting.

They have unpredictable schedules

For actors, musicians and models, there is no 9-to-5 schedule. They might not see daylight for weeks, if they are on a night shoot schedule. Or they could be touring through Asia and you’re struggling just to find a decent time to catch up on FaceTime. It becomes easy to see why so many celebrity couples can not make their schedules work together.

They get attention from everyone

The attention a celebrity gets can be overwhelming, so prepared to be pushed aside. When you do find time, you might be at a quiet restaurant but you have four different waitresses taking turns serving your table and giggling. It’s distracting to say the least. Want to go for a nice stroll through the park? Expect people to stare and expect to be invisible. People will stop for photos and autographs. Your date will be super gracious but it’s a constant conversation interrupter.

They might be insecure

Being in the limelight is like living under a magnifying glass. Being analyzed by the public, constantly being asked for pictures, people reporting sightings on Twitter and your wardrobe analysis on someone’s Facebook. Modern day celebrities get cut no breaks and it can wear on a person’s self-esteem. Your date might ask you a million times if you’re sure that shirt look okay on them, and want your opinion on a million other things.

Your personal life will be public

Privacy as a celebrity is hard to come by. Having your every move reported and invaded by the public is common sense. The worse part can be the rumors. Knowing how to read between the lines and when to confront your celebrity partner about what’s plausible and what is ludicrous. If you break up, expect to be haunted by your ex in a whole new way. Trying not to think about them? Their song comes on the radio. Don’t want to see them again? Try avoiding that billboard or that trailer preview. It’s a lot to handle and it’s as awkward as it can get in the dating world!

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