5 Kinds of Sex to Have Before You Settle Down

Think of your sex life as a car, or a new pair of shoes. Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive or a new pair of Louboutins without at least walking a few laps around the store? We’re guessing probably not.  Here are a few required notches that every woman should have on her bedpost before she kisses the single life goodbye.

1. Break-up Sex.
Most of us are familiar with this scenario: you date someone, you break up, but you continue to sleep with each other for an extended period of time. Sure, the actual relationship didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other’s bodies¦right? Without the pressure of a relationship, sometimes the sex is even steamier than when you were together. Your ex is pre-made booty call who already knows exactly what you like. However, the downside is that the emotional fall-out from break-up sex can be huge, especially if you still care about your ex. Finding out the ex you are still sleeping with has moved on can be utterly crushing. However, we all need to go through this experience if only to learn to never do it again.

2. Vacation Sex.
If you’ve ever fantasized about having an illicit one-night stand with a ridiculously hot stranger, then vacation sex is for you. When you’re on vacation you’re looking and feeling your best. This makes you more receptive to meeting new people and new experiences. When you add in attractive foreigners, an exotic location and take away the normal stresses of daily life, this puts you in the zone to really let yourself go and focus only on the pleasure of the moment. The best part of vacation sex is that if the hot stranger turns out to be less than hot in the sack you’ll never have to have that awkward Oh, hi. It’s you again run-in at the grocery store. Chances are you’ll never see this dude again.

3. Public Sex.
Oh the great outdoors¦or indoors. Everyone needs to try this at least once whether they are married or single. When you and your man already have really great chemistry, adding the thrill of getting caught can make the sex explosive. The possibilities for this kind of sex are endless. Take a detour into the forest to get frisky while on that hike this weekend. Have some fun in the secluded back hallway of your favorite restaurant. Take your vacation sex to the next level and try some classic sex on the beach. Sure, you may never be able to show your face at that restaurant or you may end up with some weird bruises, poison ivy issues, or a life-long aversion to sand but, trust us “ it’s worth it. Being able to pull off public sex in any shape or form is like a sexual badge of honor. You’ll walk away with a little extra strut in your step and a secret smile as you say to yourself I can’t believe we got away with that. Worst case scenario, even attempting public sex is going to result in a great story that you’ll remember for years.

4. Bad Sex.
Sometimes when you kick the tires you find out that the tires are flat, flaccid and clearly not up for the job. When sex goes bad, it can go really, really bad. Bad sex can be extremely awkward, bumbling, and can leave us wrapped up in a sheet afterwards, saying to ourselves What the heck just happened?! You have to look as bad sex as a good thing. Sexual chemistry is a really important part of a relationship. Bad sex happens to tip us off that we have a lemon in our midst. Thanks to bad sex we’re able to identify the real deal when it comes along.

5. Love Sex.
 Even if the words making love make you cringe a tiny bit, there is something to be said about having sex with someone that you have feelings for. When love, trust and crazy passion come together it is absolutely awesome. This is the kind of sex that you need to have before you’re married and after.


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