How Texting Can Ruin Your Relationship

Text messaging can be an easy way to arrange dinner plans with your man or remind him to pick up milk on his way home from work. However, his messages (or lack thereof) can also make you want to toss your iPhone (or your man) out the window. Before you let texting get the best of you and your guy, it is important to be aware of a few texting dangers.

Don’t Text and Date
Not holding the door for a lady used to be bad date etiquette. Nowadays, texting during a date is one of the biggest blunders. Sending texts during an evening out is disrespectful and rude. Turn your phones off. There is a no need for a blow-out in the middle of the movie theatre because you or your man felt the need to send some silly text message.

Don’t Wisecrack – Unless It’s Your BFF
Perhaps the biggest problem with texting is that it lacks intonation. That sarcastic comment or light-hearted joke can easily be taken the wrong way when sent via text. This can cause serious “ not to mention unnecessary “ arguments between you and your guy. To avoid misunderstandings, tell him you’ll explain what you meant later.

Cracking the Code
Given the often cryptic nature of text messages, there is an unhealthy amount of room for over analyzing. Women in particular tend to want to decode every last Luv U 2 qt! which can lead to even more misinterpretations.

Drunk Texting
Unfortunately, cell phones do not have built-in Breathalyzers. Although the immediacy of text messaging can be great, it also be very dangerous when you’ve had a few too many cocktails. Drunken text messages to a significant other almost always create some feelings of jealousy or mistrust so try to think twice before sending a Texts From Last Night-worthy message.

Being A Little Text Happy
Over-texting can send serious signals: desperate, needy, annoying. If you’ve just started dating, a quick Just thinking about you! text is perfectly acceptable. Demanding when you can see him again thirty-seconds after your first-date is not. Even if you’re long-term, repeated, What’s up? messages can get tiresome. If you find your cringing every time his name appears on your cell phone screen, perhaps you both need to give the texts a rest.

Lost for Words
Continuous text messaging throughout the day can also leave you speechless when you finally get to spend some in-person time with your man. It can be hard enough making conversation at times, and when you’ve already texted him the details of your big board meeting, an awesome new Chinese restaurant and your feelings on the latest mayoral elections, what is there left to say? Before you decide to send a text, try saving it as a draft and bring up the topic later.

Textual Interruptions
Nothing kills the mood more like the loud and abrupt buzzing of an incoming text when you and your guy are in bed. To avoid any unwanted interruptions, again, turn off your phones. Whatever it is, it can wait.

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