Make The Resolution to be More Selfish

Were you unlucky in love in 2010? Don’t fret. The New Year is a great opportunity to start fresh, beginning with a resolution to be a little more selfish. It may sound confusing, but taking the time this year to focus on what you want and making it happen can get you a lot further than trying to be what everyone else wants you to be. And with that new found confidence and love for yourself, you won’t be able to keep up with your jam-packed dating schedule.  Here are some New Year’s resolutions to keep in 2011.

Make More Me Time
With school, work, family and friends, our lives can become too fast-paced that we can’t keep up. Plan some time to relieve stress each day, whether it is an hour to read before bed or a quick 30 minute yoga session in the morning. When you find yourself solving problems with ease and taking on stress with nonchalance, you will become a relationship magnet. There is something ultra sexy about a laid back lady.  

Ditch the Diet
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions every year is to start a diet. If you prefer a bag of chips to an apple, it is obvious that those eating habits won’t help you fit into those skinny jeans. But, obsessing over a strict diet can actually make you hungrier. Think about it, counting calories or keeping a food journal makes you think about food all day, since you are constantly tracking what you are eating. If you ditch the diet you can forget about food for a minute, stop secretly snacking and get back to living. Instead, when you go grocery shopping, don’t buy that bag of Cheetos, if it is out of sight it is out of mind.

Change Your Scene
If you are constantly picking the wrong type of guys it could have a lot to do with where you choose to meet them. If your friends have a local meeting place or you always find yourself in the same bar district, make a change and find a new hang out. Investigate a new part of town and meet new people (who doesn’t need more friends?) and possibly some eligible bachelors.

Put Your Foot Down
If you feel like people are constantly walking all over you and you find yourself saying yes too much, this year learn to say no! It is amazing how liberating simply saying no will make you feel. Build a strong backbone. In 2011, change your follower status to leader. Men are no longer afraid of a strong woman; they are turned on by one.

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