Learning from Rejection

Getting the shaft from a friend, group of friends, or a lover (in real life, or even on Facebook), hurts. Feeling like we belong, and that we're loved and wanted is a fundamental human desire. Getting rejected triggers a natural tendency to regain approval in order to salvage our self esteem. Rejection, although it might feel like it's tearing you apart, can actually be a valuable life-shaping experience. Here's some of the disguised blessings of rejection.

Rejection boosts creativity

According to Psychology Today, people who are ok with distancing themselves from others regularly are more likely to recruit associations from unusual places and think beyond conventional ideas. That is, more likely to be creative. Straying from the pack lets you think for yourself and be more adventurous in your thought and your work.  

Rejection forces you to explore your options

Getting rejected throws a wrench in your hopes and dreams, to say the least. It can be depressing, even devastating, when things don't go as planned. But think about how you feel when you're in a rut – everything is chugging along and you're wishing "something would happen." Rejection can be one of those change-triggering instances that shakes up your idea of the path you're on. When you consider options you wouldn't normally, you see, with a broader scope, how many options are really out there. Ask yourself, would I rather have a life where everything always goes to plan, or a life thats interesting?

Rejection builds character

Ok, so character-building experiences aren't a blasty blast. Going for what you really want, instead of taking the easy way out, is hard. Not trying at all is safe – it means you never have to take any real risks so your ego can stay firmly in tact. You might be a bit bored, unchallenged, and unstimulated, but you stay safe. To get rejected means you've taken a risk and put yourself out there. If it doesn't work out, you build courage, learn, and know that you honoured your true desires – which are always worth honouring. Why settle for anything less

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