How to Deal When All Your Friends Are Getting Hitched

You know that blissfully happy moment when the first one of your girlfriends gets engaged and you squeal along with her and jump up and down in excitement? And then it happens again with the next friends. And the next. And then all of a sudden the fact that everyone in your circle is getting hitched becomes less of a #blessed situation and more of a #annoyed situation. All of a sudden everyone else moving on to the next phase of their life and you’re here still aggressively swiping right and left until your fingers cramp.

Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow

Social media is, as we all know, both a blessing and a curse. And some days that curse comes in the form of a newsfeed full of engagement announcements and wedding photos and the blessing comes in the form of an unfollow button. Don’t be afraid to use it, for the sake your sanity and those around you.

Talk it out

Whether you are feeling sad, jealous or just downright angry you have every right to your feelings. The thing is that if you don’t vocalize those feelings to the people around you — including those who are getting hitched left, right and centre — you are just going to have all kinds of built up aggression that is going to do nothing but negatively affect your friendships.

Know when to say no

For some reason there is something about being the single girl that makes you a beacon for bridesmaid duties. Whether it’s because they think you have a ton of spare time (not always the case) or it’s a pity thing so you don’t have to rock their wedding solo (not that that’s a bad thing at all), keep in mind that you are under no obligation to say yes to every wedding party invite you receive. For the sake of your sanity (and your pocketbook) take a pass on some of them and save your duties for only your closest of friends.

Make new friends

We’re not asking you to completely replace those friends that you absolutely love but the truth of the matter, one which you will discover as more and more of your friends say I do, is that more of your fun nights out are about to turn into quiet nights in and if you want the ability to continue having a vibrant social life that will put you in the line of meeting some potential suitors… well, you might need some new friends. Go out and find them.

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